The Journal of Macross Berylson

Campaign: Verbobonc Dark

Genie in the lamp...
Macross cringed as the genie raced out the door. It was kind of rude, actually, after having been freed from a thousand years of imprisonment he hadn’t even said, “Thank you,” but had just raced off bragging about destruction and revenge. No good was going to come of it. Macross could see it now, a formal invitation from the King of Evil Genies arriving for him at the New Cathedral of Saint Cuthbert in Verbobonc to celebrate his coronation. He’d probably get RSVP’d next to the bitch Queen herself.

He’d just blame it on Baldomero. No one would even raise an eyebrow.

Session: Episode 26 - Wednesday, Feb 06 2019 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: escape , Genie
Worse than I thought...
Well it may just be worse than I thought. The road clearly shows a wider track than 20 feet. The estimates of 2000 Heavy Foot are off by a factor of three times upward. We're looking at a full legion of soldiery. Verbobonc cannot support that many soldiers, and I don't see a baggage train to feed them either. Orcs are well known to eat anything.

A giant on the road, not subject to a mage's sleep spell and packs of riding wolves showing up on the roads. We need to slip the noose closing in. I hadn't wanted to head overland but the roads seem to be cut off.

To top it off, Baldomero the Sanctimonious Rascal is starting to make some sense. By Olidammara, it IS worse than I thought.
Session: Episode 18 - Wednesday, Dec 05 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Tags: escape , Giant , road