Valindra Silverbark

"Let us hold strong like the great oaks of the forest"
User: Carl
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Fighter-Druid/(6/7)
Tall for an elf, Valindra stands five feet ten inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has dark almond shaped eyes, pale skin, and long, raven-black hair, which she wears loose and partially in dreadlocks. Throughout her hair she has woven various woodland charms (acorns, tiny bones, feathers, pine cones, etc). Atop her head, especially when in the wild, she will often wear a simple headdress of short deer antlers and oak leaves. She also wears a piece of delicate forehead jewelry, woven from silver and from which depends a tiny, moonstone bindi carved in the form of an acorn.

Valindra prefers simple and practical attire, a long hooded bearskin cloak with a mantle of wolf pelts, worn buckskin leggings, a linen tunic, and a broad belt. When traveling, she typically slings her bow, quiver and longsword over her back. A bone handled hunting knife is always sheathed in each of her heavy otter-fur boots.
Valindra honors and worships Rillifane Rallathil, elven god of woodlands and nature, referring to him as the Leaflord, the Wild One, or the Great Oak. She was trained in the Druidic arts by a sect of his clergy, but their sacred grove was overrun by a bugbear war band when the recent troubles began. Finding her beloved forest grown too dangerous with evil humanoids, she has traveled with a heavy heart to the lands of humans. Though she has had little use for short lived human kind before, she knows they may be allies in the impending struggles. Mostly skeptical of their motives, she tries to stay open minded and seeks to learn more of them and their ways. She thus finds herself adventuring, not so much out of a desire for wealth or power, but to learn more about humans. Power is only of interest to her to the extent that it allows her to thwart evil.
Like many of her race, Valindra often seems cold and aloof to most humans. Preferring the solitude of the forest to the company of others, she tends toward stoicism in most situations. She is slow to extend her friendship, but once she has done so, she remains loyal to the end.

Valindra loves music and, in quiet solitary moments, plays a small elvish flute carved from bone. She prefers slow, melancholy melodies over most others.

Age: 102 years

Languages: Common, Elvish, Goblinoid

Animal Compnanions: Raven (Helgi), Lynx (Sascha)

XP Bonus: 15%