User: Bethan
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/7
Kit’s original appearance was in very poor condition. Unwashed skin, long unkept hair, clothes that had deteriorated to rags and an awful odour.
Nowadays he is looking much better with new clothes, clean skin and somewhat fresh Bulwinian war paint from his homeland consisting of two hand prints covering his face to symbolise his crippling awkwardness and shy personality.
He is generally a nice person, but it takes him a lot of effort to speak to anyone he is acquainted too after living on his own I’m the forest for over 30 years.
Sadly for Kit, he was not bought up in the nicest household despite being well off financially. Kit was the product of a mistake his Father made after cheating on his current wife with an Elven woman while travelling to trade his goods. In order for Kit’s mother to prevent bringing dishonour to her family, she left him in the care of her Father at birth. The only thing Kit knows of his Mother is her name, Soma’Kel.
Kit’s Father, Gareth Halwyn, loved his son dearly but the same could not be said for his wife. To Emlin, Kit was only the product of everything wrong with her marriage. She loathed him. If anything went wrong it was Kit’s fault and when something did go wrong, Kit was disciplined with beatings and screams. His Father would always make the effort to comfort him, Kit appreciated this sentiment but resented his Father somewhat for never leaving her. The power and money she had over him being part of a prosperous merchant group made leaving extremely difficult.
His household was a nightmare, but school was hell. His treatment at home made Kit quiet and estranged from everyone else. This made him the product of teasing and bullying. There was no salvation in the city.
The only place where Kit felt at peace was in the forest. The nature was soothing and interesting. Whenever things got too heated at home he would run away and seek refuge as the forest, wandering around until his Father would come and find him. Sometimes, Gareth would bring camping equipment with him and they would spend the night together beneath the stars. Kit cherished those moments.
As years went by, Kit’s treatment only worsened. He would run away more and more frequently, heading deeper into the forest to elude his Father so he wouldn’t need to go back home. Sometimes he would be gone for over a week, returning dirty and malnourished which only got him into trouble again.
It all became too much. His Father’s comfort wasn’t enough anymore. So he left. Running into the forest, getting lost in it. Wandering aimlessly until he met a friend. His first friend and mentor. A Treant.