Steron Tharvid

User: Chad
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Slayer/1
Steron Tharvid is originally from the village of Ravenmoor. He was born on Rova 17th at 9:03 PM. He was the second born of the family and has an older brother and younger sister.

Originally Steron's father raised animals as a herder. When war came, his father joined serving in a medium infantry division eventually being promoted to coporal. He specialized in fighting with <insert your main weapon of choice here>. During the war and while she was pregnant with him, Steron's mother was taken as a prisoner. Only through the heroics of his father was his mother freed. During the escape as they were fleeing in the sewers, Steron's mother went into labor and gave birth to him. However Steron contracted a disease there that he recovered from but left him some visible scars. His father returned to the fight and vowed to stay in the fight until it was won.

Finally when Steron was 3 years old Okoral was defeated and your father was on of three fighters that bested him in the end. For his role Steron's father was promoted to knight and the family given noble status.

Things were quiet for the next ten years until Okoral escaped justice and rumors of him being on the loose and coming for the ones who defeated him. You moved around during the next two years until the danger seemed to have passed. During that time your parents tried to have your scars healed by an exotic hidden fairy like creature. Although the ritual was not a success to remove the scars, it had a side effect of making him immune to any disease.

During his 15th year, his parents arranged a political marriage for him of which his spouse actively disliked him. As he turned into an adult he was arrested for not paying taxes and was sold into slavery. For the past two years he served as breeding stock and the play thing of his female owner of the Emporium Zalamandra. During this time he was routinely beaten severly by her when he didn't perform to her standards.

Now he is free and can do whatever he desires. The area has had numerous burial cairns and ancient tombs that have been looted over the centuries. A trio of richly dressed adventurers from Magnimar has arrived to search for treasure in Stirgenest Cairn, which is often explored by outsiders but nothing is ever found. However you have decided to join a new group set up by the local mage Allustan heading to another location, the Whispering Cairn.
Character Sheet Adjustments:

Immune to Disease

-1 to Cha

Free Cosmic Sign Trait- The Mother

Requirement(s) 17 Rova - 30 Lamashan
Granting warmth and comfort against the forbidding cold of the wilderness, the Mother is the heart of the Caravan. Allies within 10 feet of you gain a +1 morale bonus on saving throws to resist fear effects. This trait functions only while you are conscious.

Starting age +2 years

Starting gold = Max Gold + 100gp