Helja Huffinuff

"May the Moon guide your path."
User: Jessica
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/1
Tall (for a dwarf) with strawberry blonde hair. Helja ties her hair back in low double braided buns behind her ears when she prepares for battle, but keeps her long hair loose while traveling or in town. Her eyes are bright green, and she has a kind, if somewhat distracted, smile. She usually looks like she's not paying any attention to her surroundings, unless it's Dwarven and Male.
Helja's parents were adventurous dwarves, traveling throughout many lands and meeting many different types of people. They were open minded and wanted to learn about everyone - an interest they passed on to their daughter. They settled down amongst fellow mountain Dwarves once Helja was born, but retained their outside friendships. Helja's parents died when she was very young, under suspicious circumstances. The others in her village were wary of the hippie dwarven family, and instead, an old Elven friend of her parents took her in and raised her through her adolescent years.

From her adopted Elven family, Helja learned to ignore the wariness and suspicion often harbored against her as an outsider, and embraced the Elven culture in spite of others' reticence against her. She followed the path of the moon, finding comfort in the light, and felt charmed by the serendipity of Sehanine, never realizing until she left the woods of her Elven friends that other Dwarves would find her path of worship so blasphemous. But Helja could never embrace a deity that instructed her to toe the line and follow orders, and refuses to live among the sheep.

Though she loves those among her race, and happily strikes up conversation with any fellow Dwarves she meets (particularly the male ones), she feels especially protective and warm towards those of her kind who strike a different path than most Dwarves - ones who stand out as having significantly different beliefs and lifestyles from the "Dwarven Tradition".

Helja is a lover, not a fighter. The sight of blood makes her simultaneously angry and sad - she is incapable of causing more harm to an already bloodied creature or foe. She instead invests all her energy in trying to help or aid her friends when they are in need. She has a generous nature, and would willingly give her own blood to aid an ailing comrade. She has such a charming and boisterous personality, with such a deep streak of kindness, that others feel stronger and more powerful in her presence.

The only token of her parents' that Helja took with her when she left her mountain home for that of her Elven friends was an old Morningstar with her father's name etched into the handle. When she was a child her father would tell her stories of his adventurous youth, wielding his mighty Morningstar.

Near the end of her years in the woods with her Elven family, her mentor enchanted her heirloom weapon as a gift honoring Helja's dedication to healing in Sehanine's name. She vowed to continue wielding her father's weapon in order to honor what she considers a family tradition of adventuring and learning from other cultures. She considers the enchantment by her mentor the perfect symbol blending the two most important people influencing her upbringing.

Despite her blatant disregard for Dwarven traditions, Helja cannot deny that even though she endeavors to pursue a selfless life of thought and care for others, she would still like a family. Perhaps this is why she can't resist flirting with any male within a foot of her own height - especially if they have impressive beards.