Dr. Elias Khaylin Ayres

"Wisdom is derived from life tempered with experience."
User: Tara
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Monk/5
Birthday: Floret 24
Alignment: LG
Current Age: 29 yrs
(27 yrs when starting campaign)
Hair: Light brown, chin length, ends curl up. He keeps a small braid that runs behind his left ear. On this braid are dwarven beads from the Svirthnibli.
Eyes: Dark gold eyes, needs reading glasses
Skin: Tan skin
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 152 lbs
Body: Very fit, in optimum health (ignoring the fact that he drinks constantly), right arm tattoo of Moradin's Hammer and Anvil, left arm tattoo of raven head on a mortar and pestle. Body covered in many fine scars.
Elias is a fourth generation doctor of the Ayres line. He is also a fourth generation lifelong ally and friend of the Svirthnibli Dwarven Clan. These communal dwarves live on the top side of the mountain range. The Svirthnibli are prominent traders and often are the point of contact for the rest of the dwarven community; serving as ambassadors to humans, elves, and whatever other races may find their way to the Border pass. He grew up in the Clan's stronghold of Bilalduhr. His father, Rurik Ayres, was a career man and couldn't be bothered with a family. Yet his father yearned for a child to carry on the family legacy. A wandering caravan stopped near the border pass and after some negotiations a young woman agreed to stay with Rurik until a child was born. After fourteen months, Elias Khaylin Ayres was brought into this world. His mother stayed long enough to ensure his survival before she left for good and was never heard from again. The young boy would never know more about the woman than her name, Iyana. Though his father was never truly concerned with family, he has been a most dutiful and devoted father. His son's education always took top priority.
Elias's first language was Dwarvish and he learned Common before the age of six. He was heavily influenced by the Svirthnibli and holds many of their ideals close to his heart. From his father and a female dwarf Herbalist named Narehilde, young Eli became well acquainted with herbs and chemicals and can make potions and salves easily. The clan treats Elias as one of their own and he does everything he can to make them proud. They often joke that he was born of the wrong race. He takes this as a high compliment.
After his 26th birthday, he traveled to Toleth to find a woman to grant him a child; much as his father before him. Little did he know that a chance encounter with an exotic beauty would alter his path forever.

Parents: Dr. Rurik Layon Ayres (m) & Iyana (f)
Grandparents: Dr. Dravira Ayres (f) & Bryn Layon (m)
Great Grandparents: Dr. Titus Ayres (m) & Mara Ayres
The culture in which Elias was raised has greatly shaped his personality. He relishes any opportunity in which he can prove himself a man; since many of his Dwarven comrades (particularly the women) always viewed him as a boy even when he was well into his teens and had grown a beard. Drinking with the men and being able to hold down his ale to prove his manhood became a regular event. Too bad it turned him into a complete alcoholic.

He is fiercely loyal to those that he deems his comrades and often places their well-being above his own. Loyalty is more than a word to him and once earned it is both valued and rewarded. Once an oath given to him is broken, his trust can never be regained. His ability to hold grudges is something he picked up from the Svirthnibli. He is respectful to elders of any group as well as anyone in a position of authority. Those who know the clan and the history of his namesake, could point out the beads he wears in his braid as the same Khaylin himself used to wear to show his allegiance with the Svirthnibli.

He values tradition and heroes of the past. (Especially his namesake.) Though he may not be a Dwarf by blood, he feels kinship to the race and so reveres the god Moradin. (Also has reverence towards the Raven Queen due to his profession.) Anything he accomplishes, he does so in the name of the Svirthnibli clan. With Dwarves, occupations tend to fall to family lines; hence his job as a Doctor. He takes immense pride in his craft and aims to refine his techniques to better serve the people around him. He has no qualms about fighting and will do so if necessary. The first warning of his irritation is when he stops smiling and places his hands into his pockets. He likes to provoke others into fighting him when he is offended or irritated. He often fights with his hands in his pockets and uses his opponents movements to cause them to hurt themselves. (Damaging his hands would hurt his job.) If he does fight with his hands, that is when you know he is serious.

He is a bit racist when it comes to orcs, being a follower of Moradin. He also is extremely blunt and doesn't like to sugarcoat what needs to be said. He can come off as abrasive and rude when discussing things. When he is drunk, he tends to showoff (mostly with tavern darts) and becomes a bit of a flirt (as long as the other flirts first). His major pet peeve is when people look down on him for being a mundane Doctor. He knows where magic healing has limitations and will be happy to discuss them in great detail.

Elias is a fitness nut and wakes up early every day to complete his fitness routine. For him, it is an addiction the same as his drinking. Even if they are contradictory.
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