Horus Wolfjaw

"I am judgement, redeem your soul in death."
User: Kenny
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cleric/3
Hair - Shaved down on the sides, to a three inch wide strip that runs from the front to the back of his head, his hair falls to the side in a mess of 5" long Jett-black tendrils. His beard matches in color, is tied into one thick braid and bound at the end with a metal band which depicts a Warhammer and a scimitar crossed, and stops just past his waist. His mustache reaches just above his belly-button, is braided on both sides with each side being bound by a silvered clasp in the shape of saerenrae's Angel.

Eyes - A deep blue, similar to that of the vast oceans his old home would cast shadows upon in the evenings. In Dwarven culture, it is believed that blue eyes are a sign of wisdom, passed down from some relative centuries ago.

Face - Strong and still full of youth, only small details give away his age. Laugh lines surround the corners of his mouth, and a few crows feet reach from the edges of his eyes. His nose is a little larger than the norm, and slightly crooked at the bridge.

Skin - The past 30 or so years have been rough on Horus' complexion, the change in daylight hours and overall climate of the desert have tanned his skin deeply. Though he wasn't fair-skinned before the move, one can easily tell the difference between then and now. Scars adorn his knuckles and fore-arms, and a few knicks and scrapes rest over his eyebrows and cheeks.

Build - Short and Stout, he's a little shorter than most but makes up for it with a hardy constitution and sharp wit. He is well muscled, and easily stronger than the average dwarf; of course he is no perfect specimen and a thin layer of fat still coats him, and fills some of the spaces between muscle.

Armor - Designed by him, and built by the master smiths of his family, this Dwarven-crafted armor would hardly fit any other dwarf, let alone another race. The design is rigid, and shaped of harsh geometric shapes rather than round edges. The trim is silvered and carved, the words reciting his families manifest in the Dwarven script from the face of his helm to the soles of his greaves. The pauldrons, knees, and backs of his gauntlets each bear a golden Angel in respect of Sarenrae.

Weapons -

Dawn: His trusty shield, tall enough to cover him from cheek to knee, is made of solid steel and held in place with a leather forearm strap and a handle. Triangular in shape, with rounded angles leading to each corner, the trim of the shield is silvered like his armor, a prayer to Sarenrae is etched into the silver in Dwarvish as well. Dawn bears the truest depiction of Sarenrae compared to the rest of his armor; her angelic figure is sculpted and melded with the face of the shield, and painted in full color.

Redemption: A truly well crafted and elegant scimitar, Redemption would be Horus' favored weapon if his Dwarven blood didn't yearn for the use of an axe nearly all the time. The weapon is steel, with a hilt and pommel coated in silver. The pommel comes out into a rounded end like a letter seal, each side bearing a tiny golden wing. The handle is bound in leather, bleached then died red multiple times using animal blood to give it a truly vivid color. The blade guard is a pair of sculpted wings on either side of the blade, coated in silver. The blade itself is thinner than most, though still durable it is much lighter and cuts through foes like a razor with its silvered edge.

Tempest: The newest weapon in his arsenal, Tempest is a battle-axe fashioned in the local style, though far older. It is a piece of history, a legendary weapon once wielded by a god-like genie, that retains fragments of the genies soul. It consists of a hardwood handle, carved with an intricate and flowing design, that also bears a single word - Tempest. The head is, assumedly, made of steel, though it never tarnishes; it is less rigid in shape than Horus' original axe, where the old axe had one blade that went straight from the handle to a point and angled back to create a sort of trapezoid, this one consists of a blade on either side of the handle, curving and elegant, the blades shape a reversed 'S'.

An avid historian and blacksmith, he thrives on adventure, and is the first to defend his allies when trouble arises.

He lives to collect pieces of history, things passed down from ancient kingdoms and goslings alike. As he sees it, he'll keep at it until he physically can't; a time in which he'll quietly retire, surrounded by everything he loves, his family, his friends, and countless relics from far away places, earned through he daring deeds of his youth.

If he has it his way, he'll be granted or buy a plot of land and begin building on it. Years of work will culminate in a Keep of his own, which will act more as a small self-sustaining community United under the Gods. It will have a small army of Holy Vindicators, which will specialize in the eradication of evil and reclamation of lost souls.

This is only one side of the coin, though.

The other group of specialists, that is, those who are not the general public, will be the priests. Their purpose will be to heal, both the spirit and the body. They will set out to villages in danger of perishing, bringing health to those that can be saved, and comfort to those that cannot.

All in all his town will become a beacon of hope, a place anyone can visit and be healed, a place where even lost souls can find redemption.

Basic schooling for both Dwarves and Humans completed.

20 years of College, majoring in Historical and Religious Studies.

10 years of College, majoring in Archeology and 20 years dedicated to armor and weapon-smithing.