"Equity for the Meek with Perseverance and Strength"
User: Andy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin/2
There is little doubt that Urqhart has earned his sobriquet of "stout" from his size--6'2" and over 300 pounds--but the simple, earnest paladin was assured by his holy father that people meant his strength, courage, and conviction. His bristling red beard is now streaked with gray as is his bird's nest of hair, but his energy is youthful and his desire to bring the light of Pelor to those in need is never tiring.
Never knowing his father, he grew to know about fighting for those less fortunate because his mother often took in orphans from surrounding farms. He loved her intensely and took her fierceness in fighting for those in need as his own life's purpose. When he was 12, he offered to become a servant to a traveling cleric of Pelor. During his adolescence his size and strength made the paladin path the most obvious way to fight for those without a champion and in need of protection. That was over 30 years ago now, and while his belly has grown and his hair has grayed, his eye for injustice and the strength of his shield arm has never wavered. While he might not be the smartest warrior for Pelor, none can doubt his commitment.
His armor is old and often repaired but is still well maintained. His sky blue cloak of simple wool has a large yellow sun embroidered on it, a gift from his long dead mother. It also is patched and well worn, but meticulously cared for. The only other adornment he typically wears is a long yellow ribbon from the top of his sugarloaf visored helm.

Str: 16 / Dex: 15 / Con: 14 / Int: 7 / Wis: 12 / Cha: 14

Bonus: 10%