Bernie yew

"You go your whole life being told not to touch fire to become an arsonist with powers of the father that created you"
User: Donovan
Campaign: The Brood
Race: Warlock
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Warlock/5
Bernie is a 6'2 175lb half-elf with grey skin and eerie features including dark purple spiked hair yellow eyes and his nose has been seemingly burnt off. He wears very long darkened cloak over his aparrel to disguise himself from stereotypes
Raised by his father dreadlock yew in brecilian forest having only learnt to live in this very wooded area for the first 10 years of his life he has learnt to live in small groups, evasive tactics and living with the life there learning to respect the earth. One day a silver goblet appeared from the mist in the dead of night reflecting into the eyes of bernie due to the moonlight bouncing off of it. He felt an overwhelming urge to drink form the goblet and in having done so became something he never thought he was destined for (a warlock) a demon like being appeared after he took the goblet from his lips he could see in its reflection immense changes to his appearance. The demon explained that he must kill his father in his sleep due to a portal allowing his father to mess with necromancy on a plain of existance that he had no business messing with or the entire forest and it's inhabitants will be burned by magical fires which would feast on the souls of the living for 100 years to come. Without regret or vengeance in his heart knowing full well that necromancy was forbidden he took his sickle in which his father had so loving forged for him and did what need to be done. The pact began and he felt many changes here on out. 10 years later he had moved to a city in denerim learning very quickly about currency and gold and value. He loved it and decided he needed to explore and see what valuables and treasures he may seek through uncharted lands.