Laxus Vayr

"Wherever you go, try to leave it a better place. If you can't, then at least leave it quickly."
User: Martin
Campaign: The Brood
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Sorcerer/5
Laxus is a 5'11" tall human sorcerer, with thick reddish-brown hair and a long, twisted beard. His body is lean and athletic, and his skin is pale. He wears a dark green hooded cloak over a brown cloth tunic, a lyre slung over his shoulder.
The child of a distant land, Laxus was gifted with considerable amounts of innate magical power. Without anyone to teach him how to use it, however, he often felt he was a danger to those close to him. After one particular incident, involving a temper tantrum and a very localised lightning storm, the ten year old Laxus decided to run away from home, and soon found himself in the country of Ferelden.

He quickly learned to keep his spirits high, and took a great liking to the musical arts. As he grew older, he became a travelling bard, with the sole ambition to bring happiness wherever he went. Never one to seek out conflict, instead he found himself befriending many people, and though he traveled alone, he was never lonely.

At the age of 21, he joined a travelling circus, a large troupe that would go from town to town, entertaining the people and separating them from their wealth through games and trinkets. It is there that Laxus met an old sorcerer who taught him to hone his abilities. Soon the fire and lightning that he once feared using were wowing crowds across the country, and the storms he summoned were used to fly in great acrobatic feats. Though he delighted the public with his tricks and his songs, his naivety and his need to please often got the better of him, as he was often caught sneaking poorer people into shows and letting people win games.

Eventually, they decided to part ways on good terms (there was some muttering about throwing him off a cliff for all the lost revenue but they did generally like him). Alas, it so happens that when they parted ways the troupe was at the city of Haven, and this left him somewhat trapped, as he didn't have the money to procure a guide back over the mountains. However he did have the good fortune to stumble upon a note, looking for people to find the Queen of Ferelden. Despite knowing that no such person exists, he decides it's worth checking out, as mention of payment upfront is sufficient encouragement.