Dack Penumber

"I'm the greatest burglar in the 'verse"
User: Boman
Campaign: The Brood
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Rogue/5
Dack is a 4 foot tall halfling with white skin and a bald head. Dack covers his left eye with an eyepatch that has the symbol of avandra stitched onto it. He wears leather armour coupled with a brown leather cape that are both decorated with images of swimming fish.
Dack also only has one arm. Where his missing left arm should be is a prosthetic arm sized for a larger creature and so hangs down past his knee. The prosthetic arm looks similar to a Warforged's arm and Dack often covers it up with his cape to hide it from those who might find it disconcerting.
Dack Penumber suffers from an illness that is common among halflings, and that illness is wanderlust. Dack hates being tied down to one place and so now travels from town to town finding adventure wherever he can. Adventure for Dack usually means breaking and entering, thievery, and general mischief.

Dack makes an impression wherever he goes, as he wears an eye patch and has a large magical metal arm. The metal arm functions a lot like his normal arm, but it has three fingers on it rather than the usual five most races have and seems to be sized for a creature larger than a halfling.
Dack lost his eye and arm many years ago after a disagreement that ended violently. He was left to bleed and die on the streets and if it wasn't for the kindness of a cleric of Avandra traveling down that road, Dack would no longer be on the mortal plane. After the cleric patched Dack up (and outfitting him with the metal prosthesis), Dack became a follower of Avandra, the god of Luck, as a way of thanks and in the hope that she will keep watch over him on his future travels.
Dack is aware that many people are frightened by his metal arm, as it looks very similar to the arm of a warforged (a race of mechanical men who were created primarily for warfare) and so attempts to hide it under his cape whenever he goes to anywhere unfamiliar. Those who aren't frightened by the arm are often curious and will ask Dack about it, and he will often reply with some tall tale to entertain them rather than give them straight answers
(“You know toll bridges? Well a troll toll bridge can cost an arm and a leg. They let me through for half price”).

Dack is the self-proclaimed “greatest burglar in the 'verse”, and will often tell this to locals of the towns he visits to see if they want to make use of his skills. Dack has pilfered quite a few things for people on his travels, ranging from expensive jewelry to the undergarments of a wealthy aristocrat. In fact, Dack almost got arrested stealing the latter while in Haven after a drunken bet in one of the local taverns and, if it wasn't for his quick wit, the luck of the god Avandra on his side (and perhaps a small bribe), the town guard would have had him in their custody.

Dack was just on his way to move on from Haven for a fresh town, but he saw one of the many notices asking for adventurers to find the Queen of Fereldon (with payment upfront). Dack didn't know who the Queen of Fereldon was but, being that Dack had lost a fair amount from that drunken bet, the words “payment upfront” meant he was willing to give it a shot to find her anyway.
Strength: 14
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 19
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 17

Language: Common, Goblin

AC: 18 (19)
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 18 (19)
Will: 15

HP: 45
Healing Surges per day: 8

Class features
  • First Strike (PHB1:117)
  • Artful Dodger (PHB1:117)
  • Rogue Weapon Talent (PHB1:117)
  • Sneak Attack (PHB1:117)
Racial Features
  • Bold (PHB1:44)
  • Nimble Reaction (PHB1:44)

  • Disheartening Strike (MP1:73)
  • Acrobatic Strike (MP2:57)
  • Second Chance (PHB1:44)
  • Positioning Strike (PHB1:118)
  • Hop Up (MP1:75)
  • Acrobat's Blade trick (MP2:58)
  • Checking Jab (MP1: 74)
  • Walking Wounded (PHB1: 120
  • Quickdraw (PHB1:200)
  • Opportunity Knocks (MP2:138)
  • Shield Proficiency (Light) (PHB1:200)


acrobatics* 12
arcana 1
athletics 3
bluff* 10
diplomacy 5
dungeoneering 2
endurance 3
heal 2
history 1
insight 2
intimidate* 12
nature 4
perception 1
religion 2
stealth* 11
streetwise* 10
thievery* 13

Leather armour
Dagger (3)
Shuriken (30)
Standard adventurer's kit
Climber's kit
Thief's tools
Light shield

Gold: 24