Arrakes Delmirev

"Some say I'm sensitve about my age..."
User: Skewr
Campaign: Unification
Race: Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric/7
Arrakes Havarlan Delmirev was a quiet child, disciplined, made little fuss in his growing up due to the stern hand of parents with eyes on his future, he did moderately well in his studies and very well in combat, being able to use what's about him to subdue his opponents and through both skill sets made Adjudicator of a Dragonborn unit in Unther's army as a healer/support unit of the Order of Helm, favored for protection and light he served as a healer and combatant and was deployed to siege the fortress of Sheltleth.

His parents,Shedinn, and Thava, both served in the council of elders, seeking the betterment of Dragonborn society.

Arrakes was the youngest of 3 siblings, 2 sisters, and a brother, The Delmirevs being a respected line had much prestige the Delmirev children got into only the best schools available at the time, the eldest brother Kriv, got into soldiering and eventually made a captain and his sisters, Akra the second eldest, and Mishann both went into politics, Akra becoming an ambassador, and Mishann married a council member-to-be and assisted him.

When setting up an outpost in what would come to be known as the southern Chessenta basin, his platoon was ambushed by an immense number of fiends, resulting in the deaths of his entire platoon, many he saw as friends, and imprisonment for him in the depths of Shelteth.
7'1" Silver Dragonborn with green lizard-like eyes, fin-like ears with a gold band pierced into one, wears a uniform/armor combination.

Sounds like Sean Connery.