" Make Golarion Great Old One Again"
User: Adam
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: half-orc
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Bard/ 1
Terbov "Terv The Perv" Bintang was an orc slaver in Osirion with a fetish for smaller women. He barely escaped with his life for "devaluing" several halfling slaves that would have otherwise fetched a fine price. On his way to the Hold of Belkzen, moist opportunity fell in his lap when the town of Wartle hired him to clear out a nearby Mushfen goblin tribe.

Scaring off the warriors and killing the chief, he was happily looting when he found the chief's extensive harem and decided to move in. He thought he enslaved the tribe to work a flayleaf plantation. The goblins though he was just a "bigger, nicer chief than usual that really likes to garden but we not judge".

His tribe name was "Chief Plants-seed-in-goblin-bush". That's great-granddad's story.
After Terv died of flayleaf related lung problems, his meanest (but not smartest) son, Wide-Feets, took over. Coincidentally, his other children started dying off of a (sadly common) goblin disease called skullus-basheditis. His smartest (but not meanest) son, Big-Boned, quickly decided to go on a holy quest to the "Hole Dove Bilk Sin"; the paradise land that Terv was always bitching about never getting to see. Asking for nothing from the tribe but as much of dad's silly plants as he can carry, he made it as far as Kaer Maga.

There, he learned that:

  1. His quest lies across a desert of ash and fire, full of kill-your-green-ass-on-sight barbarians.
  2. The Hold of Belkzen isn't really all that great.
  3. Kaer Maga doesn't give any shits about your race.
  4. You can pretty much do whatever you can afford, there.

So he opened up a bakery, bought himself a pretty little half-elf helper-slave, and lived a quiet and peaceful life. That's granddad's story.
Munder Bintang was a fat little son of a baker, and was as devoted to reading as his father was opposed. He apprenticed himself to one of the Kaer Maga Bloatmages (who fucking loved dad's flaybutter brownies) and rose quickly in both arcane power and circumference.

Once in the guild, he was used as a liaison during a teleport trip within the Hold of Belkzen because he was "you know; the orcy one". He sucked at the job, being completely alien to orc culture, and was intimidated and out-bargained by a female half-orc information broker. The deal was so bad, in fact, that the mages left him behind to "toughen the fuck up". The broker offered to train him up in orc culture if he'd help her with some personal business.

He didn't negotiate that deal very well either, but it turned out alright in the end. That's dad's story.
Lissalee Rolemarke was Ustalavian nobility, and was kidnapped as a young woman for a hefty ransom. Rather than pay, the family hired a band of adventurers to rescue her. They failed, but did enough damage in the attempt to convince the kidnappers to flee rather than hold to the deal. They ended up selling her in Urgir to a notable orc with a taste for degrading "fancy" human slaves.

She survived two very unpleasant years. That's grandma's story.
Lissalee's third child is what killed her, and she meant to pass on her own name to her only daughter, but all she managed to say was "Lizzz..." before she bled out. Her father raised their two sons as warriors, and they each fetched a fine price in the markets. Lizzz was too weak for fighting, but she made herself useful by being good at picking winners in the arena and races. When she turned 14, she pointed out that she had won him ten times what her brothers had each sold for, and maybe he ought to invest in her.

His response was a sound beating, and then whoring her out to his business rivals so she could size them up, and learn their weaknesses. This wasn't what she meant, so instead fed him lies in a grand plot to see him ruined, shamed, and killed. Once free from his household, she quickly built up her own fortune as a bookie and information broker, and eventually bought back her grateful brothers as bodyguards.

Aside from a little adventure with a short fat wizard, that's mom's story.
Munder and Lizzz (and her two devoted bodyguards) did very well as a team. He never really took to orc culture, but she was fun to talk to. She enjoyed having someone around that appreciated how clever she was.

They um ... you know ... liked liked each other. He used a spell to get her pregnant (that's me!). From across the room. Fully clothed. Don't ruin this for me. Uncles Gro and Maz taught me some fighting; mostly one-on-one gladiator stuff. Lots of showing off and flair, and weapon-on-weapon hits and deflections. Pop taught me a ridiculous amount of trivia, and mom taught me how to be a clever bitch.

This is my story, though it's far from over.

It has a few pages torn out from between then and now, which I must say has me just a tad upset.
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