"There's a song for that."
User: Claire
Race: Strongheart Stout Halfling
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Bard/2
“Aye, sing ye the tale of the finest fiddle ever had,
strung with guts of dragons, and golden it was clad.

The melody she played, aye it made a haunting tune,
bowed the lives of warriors and maidens pure and true.

This golden wooden fiddle aye she meant a lot to thee,
beyond her vision and her song, there was more than ye could see.

For when y'took her in yer arms and played her with a grace,
a fleeting bit o’ magic she would bring for ye to taste.”

Born to peasant folk to which she had never known, Diesa Torrun’s earliest memories were of a small tribe of Orcs called the Narzulbur that had found her at a young age. In spite of her Halfling origins, Diesa grew within the orc stronghold as one of their own, after quickly befriending the daughter of Chief Mauhulakh, Urog, who would become one of her closest companions. Diesa would later come to learn that Chief Mauhulakh and the tribe of Orcs had every intention of killing her, but it was only due to Urog’s protest that she was spared.

Diesa grew hearty like her kinfolk the Orcs, learning the ways of survival in the harsh terrain they existed in. She learned to bear arms, her favorite weapon a crossbow that was looted from a body not far from the stronghold. It was on her twelfth birthday that she was gifted by Urog, a golden violin that she had found while on a raid with the tribe. Diesa taught herself quickly how to play, and often entertained at nighttime around the fire. It was during these performances, as she played the beautiful and haunting melodies on her prized instrument, that Diesa would notice a strange aura that would come from within it. Bolar, an Orc who was a magician of sorts, told her that he believed the violin carried an ancient old magic within its golden casing.

As Diesa grew, she learned quickly that there was not always peace within the Narzulbur tribe. In fact, they were often at war with various other tribes and often fought in scrimmages. One particular night, after a festive celebration of Chief Mauhulakh’s birth time, the neighboring Orc stronghold of Largashbur and their chieftain Yamarz attacked while most of the tribe was sleeping. Most of the Orcs were slaughtered, including Chief Mauhulakh. Urog awoke Diesa and sent her to flee the stronghold for safety. In panic, Diesa left, leaving all her belongings behind, including the fiddle she had been gifted. When she returned several days later to the sight, there was nothing to be found. Everything had been burned to the ground, and every presence was long gone.

Without shelter or a place to go, Diesa traveled as a nomad through the wilderness. Eventually she sought refuge in a small city, where she worked hard labor to eat and sleep, and eventually made enough coin to purchase a lute. With an innate ability for music, Diesa quickly picked up the new instrument and began her travels as a bardic nomad across the lands.

As Diesa began exploring, she experienced vivid dreams of a Dragonborn wizard with deep glistening crimson skin and demonic yellow eyes. Ybor, Wizard of Ashes, resided in a fantastical crystal cave with his horde of treasure. In the dreams Ybor is searching for the Golden Fiddle and somehow 'sees' Diesa while she is asleep. Upon awakening, her hands suffer a deep throbbing burn that lasts for hours. Diesa discovers through the dreams that the violin is a horcrux and once was a token of the wizards that yields great powers. When she played it as a younger child, the mysterious dark power became a part of her and now somehow connected her with the wizard. She knows that Ybor must be of a great and powerful evil, as these nightmares of his reckoning plague her often. Through a series of later dreams, she also discovers that Ybor has a connection to her unknown origins. She decides to seek out the wizard in hopes of reclaiming the Fiddle and discovering the mystery behind her connection with the Dragonborn wizard.

  • Narzulbur Orc Tribe
  • Some Mountain Orcs
  • Geldenstag's Rest in Bryn Shander
  • Five Tavern Center in Bremen
  • Waterdeep Tavern residents
  • Magister Fruin of Waterdeep
  • Magister Alec of Waterdeep