"What will i change now"
User: John
Campaign: The Time of Tiamat
Race: Kundair
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Invoker/16
Hes young and brash, but don't let his age fool you. He is smart enough to survive.
When i awoke, all that was left from the githyanki attack was nothing but rubble. My family and friends dead or taken, which i do not know, but none remain. As i pulled myself from the broken stone wall I began to remmber some of the events that transpired here. When the githyanki attacked i was one of the few that tried to stop them. I was no match for them, for my prowess is best for a group rather then lone fighting. They made easy work of me thinking i was dead. What saved me was some cast a spell that topelled the wall down on me. Now that i'm alone i must be strong. I must carry on my family name by myself for all time. I have plenty of time for that later. First order of business is to take care of the githyanki, all of them, and anything associated with them. I was lucky to find my fathers weapon and armor. So with that i set out to find my foe. Over the past few months i have found and relieved many githyanki of their debt to me by claiming their lives and equipment to fund my journey. They travel fast, as if they move through cuts in existence. I must find faster means of travel. I will need a dragon for this quest to punish my enemy. My powers alone will not overcome them all so i will need to befriend some adventurers that will follow my cause. While traveling i overherd that a place called Overlook was being attacked by trolls and githyanki. They were sending for help anywhere it would come from. I will head there. sounds like a good place to start my quest from. I have been to Overlook before, to stock up and take rest there. I have met some people that seem they may be able to help me. But how do you ask friends to come and fight to death with you.......
as he grows with experience from traveling he has become wiser but has chosen to cast aside he new found skill to keep at peace with his prior ways.....

the hand my be more of a curse then a blessing, but the power it brings will stay the thought of that for now....

i must find the eye....

I have tasted true power. I must attain all that Vecna can offer.

I have socome to the power of the hand.. I also know the location of the eye.. time to regain my sight....

i have my eye and with that the god of secrets is complete again.... and my dragon is now born...