Thaddeus Marlowe

User: Samuel
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Class: Tremere
Having the ability to see Spirits during his life had lead Thaddeus Marlowe down a path of major interest in the occult. He studied where he could in Victorian London, traveling to the seedy underbelly of the city. That was how he found out Vampires were real. It took the boy a long while to convince anyone to Embrace him. However he was persistent, persuasive and showed promise in his diligence towards magical studies. That was how he came to be part of Clan Tremere. Although his Sire had warned him against beginning his unlife at such a young age, Thad eventually wore him down. This, undoubtedly, has come back to bite the now, eternal fifteen year old, in the arse. Although he was small in stature, he never quite let that get in his way. (At least as much as possible) Once he moved to Orlando he decided upon setting up twenty-four hour bookshop to cater not only to the mortals but to the vampires who might enjoy finding a new novel to indulge in, or, perhaps, an older book on runes, summoning circles and ancient rituals alike.