User: Daniel
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/1
Drendad Greenleaf

Knights from the castle were marching through the open field again, stomping with careless abandon. As the silence fled, a lone flower once smashed to the ground, struggled to grasp any resemblance of life. No sooner did that last armored figure leave than the flower suddenly started to rise up strong and tall, full of vigor and life as if nothing had happened. Magically nourished back to life by the lone hidden figure hidden in the dark recesses of the brush, Drendad Greenleaf watched in disdain, thinking that the “civilized” could be so uncivil.
Drendad had never been a fan of towns or cities, but he had, of late hung around the outskirts to listen, absorbing what information he could in order to learn and evaluate the threat level to The Balance. Thus far he had not harmed the goodly folk of the region because he knew they almost always meant well. But he knew that the day would come where he would have to put aside his sentiments of good and evil to protect The Balance.
Drendad had been born into a tribe of wild elves. They were isolationists, disdaining contact with any of the other races even others of The People.
The time had come for him to earn a place amongst the tribe. In a rite-of-passage, he had been to be sent out to survive alone for at least two full years. He set out in confidence of returning to his family. Having had been trained very well by elders, he had had no problem surviving the rigors life on his own. Now his tribe would see him as one of The People.
His joy at returning home was so great that he failed to notice the lack of sentries. He entered his village and came upon nothing but ash. Once where huts stood and children played the elf found and only the butchered remains of a few of the villagers’, hacked with sword and axe.
The evidence was everywhere; broken sword hilts, fallen bodies not of The People, and shields bearing the emblem of a golden Phoenix on a field of red. The attackers had not won without cost.
. After long contemplation among his fallen kinsmen, he remembered a bandit that his father had killed when he had been just a child. That bandit had worn a similar insignia on his shield.
For several months Drendad roamed the wilderness in search of them, but all of the evidence showed they had moved to the north. From town to town he traveled searching for clues.
As quiet and skilled as he is in woodcraft he found himself bested by a band of orcs. He fought and was chased for the better part of a day but eventually he was cornered. He determined to die fighting but just when he thought he would be killed help arrived in the form of small ball of hair and teeth. A gray blur, attacked the nearest orc, nearly severing the creatures leg in a single ferocious bite. It was the largest badger he had ever seen. The next several seconds were all a blur, but the orcs retreated and Drendad had been saved. From then on the badger, which he named Carinthol, never left his side unless commanded.
After discovering the bandits plan to rid the forests in The Stolen Lands of its inhabitants so the trees could be harvested, Drendad knew he had to do something to restore the balance. There was only one member of his tribe left alive, his sister, Andreas. She had been cast out of the tribe for her disdain of The People and her indiscriminate relationships with humans. Drendad decided to find her and ask for her help.
Finding her was easy; she was in a courtyard in town flirting with a group of human men. After prying her away from the filthy humans he explained the tragedy that had befallen himself and The People. To his astonishment, she was very apathetic, not caring what happened to them or of the plight the Forest.
It seemed to Drendad she had lost her elven heritage. More to get her annoying brother to leave than to offer any assistance Andreas told Drendad of her youngest son, Caerbannog, who was to lead a group of men to the Stolen Lands to establish a settlement in the region lost long ago to The People.
“Perhaps he can help you” she had told him lazily, “because in the process of reclaiming the lands for the Barony they would have to eliminate the bandits.”
Drendad would be along to help control any wild animals and offer information about the area. This would be his chance to reclaim the land his family had lived on for so long, and get revenge for the murder of his tribe.
He decided his best chances to accomplish these goals were to join his sister’s half-breed mongrel in his fight to restore the balance and return nature to an equal standing.