User: Skewr
Race: Sun Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric/1
5' 11" bronze of skin, black hair with silver eyes
The son of a household aspiring to be noble, Cadran spent most of his time with his hobby of jewelcrafting, studying vigorously at the behest of his parents and at 95 was groomed for a position in the Evermeet Diplomatic station to gain favor with some of the ruling families and took up an apprenticeship. It did not work out however as Cadran would repeatedly argue with the head diplomat on dealing with the 'lesser beings' and was discharged with statements saying he was 'unreasonable' and needed to mature a couple more centuries and learn some refinement.
Put out by the elder Ambassadors Cadran laid aside his diplomatic studies and poured himself into his hobby, gemology and gemcutting and joined a local branch of the jewlers guild getting along with them oddly well though his parents found the whole thing perturbing and repeatedly questioned why he went into a 'commoner trade', to that he replied with annoyance which prompted an exile from the family for 50 years to 'grow up', 112 years later he still had not returned home and had taken to speaking with Gond the God of craft, he did not remember when he had started speaking with him just that he was always there in his dreams with inspiration for new and great things.

None of this matters he is dead now :P