User: John
Campaign: Out of Balance
Race: South-eastern Water Tribe
Gender: Male
Class: Sea-bending Swashbuckler
Kohna is a fairly typical water tribal. He's dark-skinned and blue eyed, and kind of unshaven. Kohna wears his shoulder-length hair in a messy pony tail.. He's dressed in a blue shirt with the sleeves torn off, and wears a multi-colored sash.
Kohna was born to a pirate clan in the islands near the pirate town of Haven. He was raised as a raider and a smuggler. Clan politics meant that his family (father, mother, and brothers and sisters) are near the bottom rung, though their skills are too useful to be ignored.
Name: Kohna
Age: 17

Aspects: High Concept: Sea-Bending Swashbuckler, Trouble: Don't look, leap!, Fight smart, not fair, Freedom above all., I probably know the way!

Skills: Athletics (+4); Rapport (+3); Water Bending (+3); Deceive (+2); Drive (+2); Notice (+2); Burglary (+1); Machinery (+1); Physique (+1); Will (+1)

Stunts: Dazing Counter, Hardcore Parkour, Mind Games, Pedal to the Metal

Smuggler's ship


===== Histories =====
Beginning: Kahno was gang-pressed into working for his family’s rival on a smuggling mission. He eventually discovered that they were bringing back slaves. Kahno decided to free the slaves, and stage a mutiny. He left the rest of his crew on some rock.
Crossing Paths 1: Rice’s character needed a lift from the South Pole. Kahno, looking for work, offered to give him a lift.
Crossing Paths 2: The latest Team Avatar was captured by an Earthbending crime lord. During the break-out, Kahno snuck up and K.O.-ed some thugs with a chair, while they were distracted.
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