"Classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy"
User: Whitney
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Sorcerer/3
25 year-old tiefling sorceress; reddish-brown skin; long raven black hair with purple streaks; about 5'5"; black eyes; about 130 lbs.; eats cake because it's somebody's birthday somewhere
Naeris was born and orphaned shortly after, found by a kind family of half-elves, among a heap of house debris near their village. Naeris, with only a crest around her neck, was taken in by Theren and Sariel Falone and raised as one of their own. They knew she was brighter than average creatures, even at a young age, but they were not aware that they had adopted a young lady of great magical powers. After consulting many doctors and scholars, it was determined that the Falones had a sorceress in the family! Thus, they named her Naeris Rieta Falone, a perfectly suitable name for a gifted Tiefling raised by half-elves.

As a family, the Falones decided to nourish and nurture Naeris and help her embrace her natural-born gift. With academics being of highest value in the household, Naeris was enrolled into the most prestigious academy in the kingdom. Being alienated by her peers, she turned to her studies, reading and absorbing as much knowledge as her brain could contain, which was quite a lot, and harboring her magic abilities. She graduated top of her class and moved on to study under Dr. Wellby "Bubbles" Underbough, the most talented and knowledgeable halfling alchemist in all the land.

Naeris and Bubbles were quite the duo - he, the cheerful genius, and she, his most worthy and fierce apprentice. When he died suddenly, Naeris inherited his research and practice.

One day while rummaging through some old research papers, Naeris came upon a parchment with her name on it. Upon reading, Naeris discovered that 1) her beautiful necklace around her neck was the crest of her birth, an ancient family line full of sorcerers, and 2) that her late colleague knew her birth parents intimately (so THAT'S why he never seemed surprised when I accidentally started a small campfire on his living room floor...) Underneath the parchment were photographs and scribbles of what appeared to be research and evidence on an investigation Dr. Underbough had been conducting on his own, regarding their sudden disappearance. The last thing Dr. Underbough had written was a question at the bottom of the parchment of collected clues, and Naeris has devoted her life searching for the answer, hoping it will be the concluding piece of finding out what happened to her family.

While conversing with Syldar, an old colleague of Dr. Underbough's, one late morning over second breakfast, a quest he had assembled to some ancient mines was mentioned and upon hearing the name of the mines, Naeris offered her assistance, as that is where she figured her next clue may be. So she packed up her most precious things, and joined a band of four other adventurers, who she is currently still trying to figure out.