"Live and Learn"
User: Tiffany
Campaign: Hubris and Grace
Race: Eladrin
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/4
Nymeria is a tall, dark-haired, green-eyed Eladrin mage. She would like to LEARN EVERYTHING. So far she has learned many interesting and useful things, including that she hates cockatrices and infernals. She has taken up with a party of adventurers, hoping to gain knowledge, magic, and coin to buy more knowledge and magic. Recently, she bought the Inn of the Towering Tree, along with the rest of her adventuring party. Ironically, the party includes Vesuvius (Fish) - she knew he wasn't imaginary.
Nymeria spent her early life growing up in the Feywild, where her father was a mage. So far as Nymeria knows, he taught magic in the city's academy. Her early life was unremarkeble except for her insistence that her imaginary friend was real. A dragonborn youngling had inadvertently discovered a gate into the Feywild. The Feywild side of the gate was located offshore of a tiny island near the city, and utterly forgotten by Eladrin dwelling there. Nymeria thought at first he was an enormous fish, having never seen a dragonborn, until he stood up and started talking to her.

The two would play on the occasions when the gate worked, roughly on the lunar cycle of the World. This went on for a few years until the Eldamar family was forced to flee the destruction of their city by a colossal magical disaster. During the flight, Nymeria was struck on her left shoulder by debris, and bears a scar which sometimes tingles and glows.

Her parents took up life in the World, divorced of all magic. However, her father could not give up his first spellbook; he hid it, but Nymeria found it and started trying the spells. She was getting pretty good at them by the time she was discovered. A blazing argument ensued. By the end, Nymeria was packing. Her father at least gave her the name of a contact who could help her make her way in the World and support her study, since he could not...or would not.

Nymeria is seeking the truth of her city's destruction. She also wants to understand the cause of her disquieting scar.
You know what they say; the Devil's in the details.