"Mother Effffin Suffrage!"
User: Lauren
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Druid/8
Alakana sat on a grassy hill and watched the sun set over the horizon, thinking about the forest village she left only a few months ago. How she missed her friends, father and deceased mother. The suns rays made there final cascade before they had all together vanished. She stretched her tiny but powerful gnomish legs and laid down. Her green hair gleaned just as the grass did in the moon light.
Onyx, her squirrel companion, nudged its way out a pouch she made to carry him in and scampered around the hill. After finding nothing of interest he nestled up in his usual sleeping spot, her hair. The only way Onyx could tell the difference between her hair and the grass was that her hair always smelled like fresh cut berries. They both drifted into sleep, dreaming of tomorrows next adventure.