"My fists...thunder; My spear...lightning; I leap like the wind; I will be amongst my foes like a rainstorm"
User: David
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Monk/8
At 5'11" and 200lbs Dauid doesn't appear to be much. If it weren't for his spear, one wouldn't even know he were a an adventurer.

He wears his hair cut short, shorter on the sides and back than the top. His gray eyes, a symbol of his order, are sad when his travels take him more than a few miles from the sea. His skin is very tan from years at sea.

His clothes look almost like a sailors garb. Dark gray pants and tunic with a blue a tabard over it. A long gray cloth wraps around his waist with a leather belt over it (Potion Bandoleer). His boots are brown and care worn, but well kept, with his pants tucked into them and bloused over the top. A belt pouch hangs from his right hip and a set of turquoise, aquamarine, and wooden prayer beads peek from the waist wrap on the left. He wears a headband and a straw hat. Around his neck he wears a sky blue cloak with no hood that wraps loosely around his neck and shoulders. Over his tunic, two on each bicep, he wears wrought iron bands. His backpack is concealed under his cloak. A small set of tools is rolled up in a leather tool kit on the left side and a coil of rope on the right. The few pockets on the front of the backpack have a few items in them (Flint & Tinder in the top pocket, Eternal chalk [if I get them] in the middle pocket, a ration in the bottom).
In the northern parts of the great continent, there is medium sized village that rests on the Western Coasts...

This village has a monastery...sort of. The Order of the Rising Storm protects the coastal village from pirates and sea raiders. This sect of the Stone Fist Brotherhood set it's monastery up on a series of ships each with a master of given principle. They approach all sea going vessels along the coast and board them to ensure they are not pirates, raiders or slave traders. If the ships resist boarding, the monk crew leaps or runs over the water to take the ship by force.

Dauid left the order after he completed his training. The order sends all students on a land bound pilgrimage to find themselves. He is allowed to go to sea but not on a Rising Storm vessel. They are told to find why the sea is so beloved by being ashore. He has spent a few years traveling to the southern lands and back. He still doesn't have the answer the Masters seek, so he has returned to the village to start over and maybe find what it is he needs...
Wish list-

Head: Headband of Perception (AV1 pg:142)
Neck: Cloak of Distortion (AV1 pg:151)
Body: Stoneskin Clothes (AV1 pg:52 (stoneskin robes))
Waist: Potion Bandoleer (AV2 pg:75)
Arm: Iron Armbands of Power (AV1 pg:117)
Hands: N/A
Finger1: N/A
Finger2: N/A
Feet: Wavestrider Boots (PHB1 pg:246)
Implement:+2 Windsoul Ki Focus (Prayer Beads)(Same as Blazing Arc Ki Focus, but thunder damage instead of fire PHB3 pg:204)

Weapon: Spear
Weapon: 10x Bo-Shuriken (+1 Lightning)

Wondrous Items:
Eternal Chalk in Red, Green, Black and White (AV1)
Bag of Holding (shaped like small leather backpack) (PHB1)
Silent Tool (Thievery Tools) (AV1)

Other gear:
Straw Hat
14 Days X Dried Fish and Biscuits (rations)
100 ft Silk Rope
Climber's Kit (Grappling Hook, 10x pitons, rock hammer)
2x Candles
2x Torches
2x Sunrods
Flint & Tinder
Small Wineskin (Bourbon)
Waterskin (full)
Belt Pouch