"That knife in your back is probably mine..."
User: Milo_Bloom
Campaign: Hubris and Grace
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Rogue
If Sully appears to be someone you don't want to be trapped in a dark alley with, it's because you don't want to be. He's quick to anger, and equally quick with a knife, Sully is surprisingly agile for a man of his size. Though his wits are not sharpest, his blades are. He is brutal and merciless in a fight, but not one for elaborate strategy. He's often prone to strike first and ask questions later. Sully usually wears dark leather armor and a smirk. If you see his swords, it's probably too late.
Sullivander was born under a falling star. His father, Ullivand, a High-Cleric of Ioun, expected great things of his son born under such a prophetic sign. Sullivander attempted to follow his father's path until he was drummed out of the seminary for conduct unbecoming a servant of Ioun. He then trained as a squire to the legendary Warlord Theoduur, who long ago fought alongside Sullivander's father. The boy showed promise with the sword, but lacked the discipline and leadership qualities needed for a true Warlord. He abandoned his training and stole Theoduur's jewel-encrusted family sword as his initiation into the thieves' guild. For now, he sees opportunity with a small band of adventurers.