Memnon the red

Race: human
Gender: Male
Class: magic user
Memnon is a slightly chubby male Sul with white close cropped hair and dark eyes. He dresses in the manner he fondly imagines that the Ancient Nobles of his people did, based on illustrations in his masters history books and plays he has seen in the city. Specificly, he wears a Red robe with a belt over shirt hose and high boots. He also wears a red cloak with a cowl. He has a beard slightly longer than a goatee, waxed and wrapped in a gold wire. He also usually has elaborate patterns drawn around his eyes in kohl, when he can spare a cantrip to do so.
" Why Memnon was called the Red"
From The Song Of Balthazar

...And in time Balthazar, who was called the venerable, grew more venerable.
And thought to pass on his knowledge, and be helped in his studies
And so returned to the shores of the sea of dust

Overlooking the last village before the sea of dust
He built his tower
And took apprentices from the village boys
And of them the cleverest was Memnon.

For but three years, when he took on Ziploc also
And the two became as brothers
Though Memnon was bold while Ziploc was Timid
And Ziploc was gentle while memnon was micheivous

...And Memnon grew to manhood, and when he had
one day Ziploc returned to the tower
Beaten and bloody
Barely able to stand

And Balthazar asked " What has happened to you?"
And Ziploc replied "I was robbed by Butra, and he beat me"
"The assasin Butra ?" said Balthazor "Then you are fortunate to have lived"
But he did not see that Memnons eyes were filled with hatred
And when Balthazar turned around, Memnon was gone

And Memnon came upon Butra by the road
And said "Butra you have shown courage in robbing a beardless youth
Perhaps you will steal from a man"
And Butra replied " Your beard has come in Memnon. I will kill you"

And Butra raised his crossbow
And Memnon spoke
The words of sleep, which Balthazar had taught him
And butra slept, and fell forward, face down into the ditch
And Memnon watched him drown.

And then appeared Balthazar, and he was wrathful
" Memnon you have used that which I have taught you for murder, and that cannot be allowed to pass"
And Memnon replied " 'Tis no murder to strike down an outlaw. The Kingsmen will disturb us not."
And Balthazar said " He did not kill Ziploc therefor his life was not yours to take"

And Balthazar Said " I cast you out, though you have been as a son to me
But you have shown skill in magic, so your apprentiship is at an end.
I grant to you the robes of journeyman
And for your act of violence those robes shall be Forever red.
Stained with the blood of Butra.

And the next day, Memnon was gone
And neither Balthazar nor Ziploc saw him for many years
And that is why Memnon is called " The Red"