"The strong not only surv...live. They also rule"
User: Ktulu
Campaign: Out of the Abyss
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Barbarian/2

Personality Trait 1: I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.

Personality Trait 2: I'm always picking things up, absently fiddling with them, and sometimes accidentally breaking them
Ideal: Might. The strongest are meant to rule.

Bond: I studied with Kazook Pickshine who saved my life after being feeble minded. He was able to restore some of my intelligence. His family owns large mines around blingdenstone.

Flaw: Violence is my answer to almost any challenge.

Origin: Tribal marauder
I come from the bloody fang tribe of orc. We were adept at raiding and causing much destruction in and around our lands. I excelled at advance attacks, killing the guards before the main group charged in.

I gained much reward and accolades during this time and could have been selected as one of the chief's breeder wives... But then I met Kazook. That stupid gnome and his people fended off my groups attack and they killed all but me. Kazook chose to keep me as a slave, but over time I did become more of an assistant. During a dangerous ritual experiment, the spell went awry and nearly killed me, but it did destroy my mind. Kazook did what he could to restore my intelligence, but he was only partially successful. Now, instead of being smart for an Orc, I'm dumb for even an ogre.
Large, muscular half-Orc with scars showing years of hard battles.