User: NeverMore
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Teenage appearance
Hida Dao is a member of the Hida family, from the Hida Provence (Hida, Hida, Hida). Though sensitive about his weight, Dao is nevertheless dedicated to his concepts of Honour. Dao was born in Takayama Castle, and is slated to become the eigth Daimyo after his father, Saito.

Dao jorneied with his father into Etchu Provence when he was seven and saw this father's military victories often times first hand. Now seventeen Dao convinced his father to let him join the buke in squashing a rebellon and while the battle was won, Dao shamed himself on the battlefield. When confronted about this by his Daimyo, Dao teenaged angst resulted in lashing out.

Since then Dao has been striped of his family name until he can earn it back. He's currently studeying Bushido at Shizuka dojo. However he's been manipulated by Shizuka Awayuki into a tough spot. Either brake his WORD to Awayuki and tell Shinkai damning information about another student and his wife, or keep his word to Awayuki and naglect to share information with Shinkai that could cost him everything.