User: Julie
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Barbarian/1
Artis has dark auburn hair with wild waves she wears loose around her face. Her eyes are dark with a stoic expression that does not seem to fit with her youthful appearance. Since arriving in the warmer climate, she has discarded the furs of her homeland for a simple cotton tunic with leggings. Although attractive, she keeps her appearance simple so as to easily blend into her new surroundings and not to draw any unwanted attention. However, when going into battle, her face is usually decorated with war paint which makes her eyes appear even darker.

Although used to wielding an axe in the Empty Lands, she started training with a trident, as it is a better fit for this new aquatic environment.
Artis has traveled south from the Empty Lands after being banished following an altercation with the chieftains son, which left him disfigured.

Having been raised in a war-like barbarian culture, she has very few skills other than fighting. Finding herself alone after her banishment at the age of 17, she has had to learn to fend for herself and therefore has turned to a life of adventure.
She is quiet and has a distrust of males, especially those in power. Having been raised in a small tribe in the Empty lands, she is naive and unsure of the customs and social conventions of the civilized realms. In social situations, she observes other's reactions to determine how to respond appropriately.