User: Joe
Campaign: Saturday S4L
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/1
Gold is a tall 21 year old male white bright green eyes.
Gold was adopted by the wizard silver after he was abandoned by his elven kind at age 2. By age 4 he had killed a small goblin with a knife because it attacked the family dog. It was then clear to his parents silver and Julia that the boy was a great fighter. He started training when he was 10 years old under a wise mentor were he learned to wield a sword and shield until he was 20. He is now his own adventurer looking to better himself and his friends.
Gold is brave and kind but his pride somtimes gets in the way of his better judgment. He is married to a young 20 year old girl named Luna his adopted father silver lives in a nearby cottage, where gold frequently visits him
  • Investigate Kobolds (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Repay Douven (Active) Plus Spacer
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