Katniss Vinadeen

"I curse! I curse all of them who soil our glorious land with unworthy actions."
User: Vinh
Campaign: Saturday S4L
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ranger (Beastmaster)/2
Katniss Vinadeen is a 16-year old girl. She is "5'7 and 100 lb. One of her eyes is crimson red while the other is cyan blue. She wears leather armor won from kobolds, but when she is unarmored, she usually wears a green skirt with a bulette design sewn on. She is brave, caring, and solemn. Katniss's life in the treacherous land of Icewind Dale helped her be a successful Ranger. Her snake beast companion, Poisonstrike, looks like a giant rattlesnake (not poisonous, but a constrictor, though) and has 4 battle scars, two through his eye, one on his torso, and one on his tail. Katniss herself has 6 battle scars, one through her eye, one clawmark scar on her left cheek, one X-shaped scar on her arm that extends up to her shoulder, another X-shaped one on her nose (barely visible in the pic because the wound healed), one across the front of her neck, and one on her right thigh. Friends occasionally call her Katzenjammer. Her gauntlets have red stars on the top side.
Katniss Vinadeen was born in Icewind Dale. Katniss earned her nickname of Katzenjammer, her X-shaped battle scar on her nose, and her solemn nature when she got into a free-for-all fight with 23 other kids (24 kids in total, including Katniss) because they all disagreed about which one of them stole a hunter's trophy. The fight started as a verbal argument, but then it got real and it became a very bloody melee battle. 23 kids alone got killed in this brawl, including Katniss's best friend at the time, who got stabbed in the stomach with a knife by the neighborhood bully. Katniss killed him in revenge with the Sweet Chin Music. And in the midst of all this chaos, there was a very harsh thunderstorm going on, and this fight occurred in a place where everybody saw it. The fight itself caused a ton of distress, even though it only took 5 minutes. Katzenjammer sounded like a good nickname for Katniss at the time because one of its definitions marks it as a synonym for distress, which there was a lot of in the fight, so it caught on. Katniss was only 7 at this time. Katniss has a little sister who's 12. Katniss has been a Ranger since she was 8. She saved her snake beast companion, Poisonstrike, from a cruel trap when she was 10 and raised it and eventually, Poisonstrike grew a good relationship with Katniss. Her worst memory was when her cousin got killed in a terrible war. She was mentored by the same mentor as the rest of her party (The mentor's name was Douven Staul.).
  • Investigate Kobolds (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Repay Douven (Active) Plus Spacer
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