Valor Do'haeris

"Hey, foul villains! Knock off all that evil!"
User: Sean
Campaign: Sons of Fallcrest
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Paladin/5
A shining stalwart example of all that is good and noble in the human race. He stands at 6' tall, with sapphire blue eyes, long blonde hair and a smile that can charm anyone he comes across. Always on the lookout to stop evildoers, it seems only some lucky ladies have ever seen Valor out of his radiant red, white and gold armor. With a longsword at his side and a shield emblazoned with the mighty symbol of Tyr, Valor is the epitome of Justice.
Valor is the only son of Tyranus and Victoria and heir to the Do'haeris Estate located along the Sword Coast. There is much burden on Valor to carry on the family name, as he currently has eight younger sisters. If Valor were to fall, there would be no male heir to inherit the grand wealth of the Do'haeris family.

Tyranus and Valor have always had a strained relationship. Tyranus expects much of his son and Valor rarely seemed to meet his father's approval. Even as a young lad, Valor was always getting in trouble with the girls. At the age of 13, once his father had grown fed up with his boy's irresponsibility, Tyranus shipped Valor off to Fallcrest, to learn responsibility under the tutelage of Thrain Oakenshield.

Thorin's Knights took young Valor under their wing and have spent many years sharpening and honing his raw skills with the sword and shield.

Valor has never returned home. He maintains contact with his family through letters only. He would scarcely recognize some of his younger sisters anymore, as they have grown and are living lives of their own in his absence. His mother writes often and speaks of how proud she is of his accomplishments, however, he has yet to ever receive a return letter from his father. He questions whether it's because Tyranus is simply too busy to reply or whether he simply does not care. Nevertheless, Valor strives to attain his father's approval, hoping one day word will reach him of Tyranus' acceptance and maybe even allow him to finally return home.
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