User: Lydia
Race: Human (Tian-Shu)
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cavalier (Wave Rider)/1
Xialong is a short, young woman, not even twenty by the looks of her. Just by looking at her, it's clear she isn't Avistani, if her name didn't give that away: she has a round, tanned face with dark almond-shaped eyes, and straight black hair. This, she keeps pushed back from her face and twisted into thick dread-locks, which are themselves kept in a ponytail. Her clothes, like her hair, are chosen for comfort, not style. Over her simple leather armor, she wears only a few sashes crossed over her chest, and dark, skin-tight shorts under that. Xiaolong never wears shoes, so she can be ready to swim at a moment's notice, and all of her gear is hooked and fastened to chain belts that she can also easily discard, if need be.
Xiaolong wasn’t an idiot, even if her skills lay more with swimming and fishing than with books and language. Even before her mother, Nelora, had explained how she had been adopted, she knew it.

Her round, tanned face and straight black hair were completely unlike the bluish tones of her family, and even her name was meaningless in Aquan.

But she knew, nonetheless. She knew.

So when her parents sat her down and explained all they could, it was a relief, not a shock.

Xiaolong had always had dreams of water, of darkness, of cold. In these dreams, she felt completely different from how she felt when she swam in the warm coastal waters of Garund. So, it made sense, then. She wasn’t an undine; Esiperris and Nelora had rescued her from drowning when she was just a baby, and she had not only survived, she had been blessed by Gozreh with an Undine’s love of water, and skill in it as well.

She loved her family more than anything in the world, but as she grew older and they seemed to stay the same, more and more Xiaolong began to feel she had more to live up to than to merely fish and guard the waters of her small village. No, she had been saved for some purpose, surely, she thought. If that purpose would not make itself known to her here, than she had to go seek it out.

So, mounting her hippocampus, Kyma (who she had raised since she was a young girl, and who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember), Xiaolong explained to her family that she needed to see more of the world. She would travel the coast, and return home in two months. It would be easy to stay in contact through letters, and after her trip, she would return to her duties at home.

That was what it should have been, but fate has its ways of changing one’s plans. Now, like so many years ago, Xiaolong was once again at the mercy of the ocean, and would go wherever the seas took her.

Although most Avistani would attempt to categorize her as a cavalier - her mounted combat style and sense of justice, if not fair-play lend that title to her - Xiaolong has never thought of herself as such. She learned to rear and ride hippocampi from her family, a small group of undines who use the water-horses for their guards and hunters' mount.

Xiaolong does not fit the typical cavailier mentality. As Order of the Beast, Xiaolong is concerned with namture, and the creatures that live in the wilds. Being chivalrous, or even polite, to humans is not entirely her concern.

Even though she, herself, is human, Xiaolong's Undine family's ways have rubbed off on her, and she tends to have a personality like the ocean. She is not easily provoked into rage or sadness, and can bide her time without taking action if the need arises. However, if something catches her ire, she is not easily calmed down, either. She is the master of her own emotions, and is seldom manipulated or coerced.