Ecrastriel Akulov

User: Martin
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Alchemist (Chirurgeon)
Tall and lithe, Ecrastriel ("Astriel" for short) stands at 6'3" and always wears clothes that are both fashionable and practical, though they tend to develop grease or ink stains shortly after he puts them on.

His pale skin and squinty eyes are a result of how much time he spends indoors researching anything he finds interesting and tinkering with gadgets and alchemy.

He keeps his blond hair fairly short to keep it out of his face and to display his pointed elf ears.
Born within a wealthy family of elven mages and craftsmen, Astriel was always encouraged to experiment with both magic and forge. As he grew up, he found a passion in finding out how things work, especially when it came to biology and engineering.

Astriel found it difficult to focus his studies and would generally move on from subject to subject at a fairly early point, but that all changed when he met the love of his life. An elven beauty of an old and powerful elven family, Merisielle had an intelligence and curiosity to match Astriel's, and she had the focus and work ethic to overshadow him.

Merisielle's family, being a family of tradition and power, is always looking for more money, so they try to hook up the young elves. And it all seems to go well until...

The Akulov's are discovered to have been conducting cruel and immoral experiments on various intelligent beasts and even other humanoid races. After dealing with legal fees, fines, and having all businesses associated with the family shut down, the Akulov's end up with very little wealth and influence left.

Merisielle stops all contact with Astriel upon news of his family's disgrace comes to light, which Astriel instantly assumes is because her family has forbidden her, being all snobbish and such. So he sets off in an attempt to make daring acts of heroism that will restore his family name and reunite the, what he thinks of as, star-crossed lovers.