The Journal of Blaze Devlin

Campaign: Dark Shadows of the Slayer

My Life Sux
Well Chloe's secret is out to the group now, I'm glad, now we can stop pretending (well at least one of us anyhow). I wish I could come clean about me and my family business, I just hope the janitor Tony and the group he is involved with "Initiative" I think it was,doesn't remember working with my family.

I don't know how my family got involved in this business but it sux, it's dangerous, it's risky, and a whole lot of fun. The only thing that worries me is my mom, she is not as young as she use to be, it's taking her longer to recover these days and she is gone on jobs more than she is at home. She needs to get more rest and more recovery time in, this last job left her with a broken arm, several bruised ribs, and a twisted ankle, I really get worried about her, after all she is all I have left after my dad died "ON THE JOB".

I'm trying hard to maintain my burn out, stoner, loser appearance but I think it's wearing thin and people are starting to see thru it. With all the vamps and demons we have been fighting I can't help but use my training, it's that or get my ass handed to me. Sooner or later I'll have to drop the act and come clean, but I need to continue the ploy as long as I can, at least until I get permission from the family, or I'm discovered. The only thing that pains me is that this is the only thing I've ever kept secret from Chole.

It'll be nice when the secret of my family business comes out, I get tired of Astrid constantly complaining of her slayer training, she came into her power, I had to work at mine. Ever since I was old enough to hold a quarter staff I've been training, working out, studying, and fighting. I've never had what normal kids call a life that didn't involve vamps, demons, specters, ghosts, ghouls, and a number of other things that go bump in the night.
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Well going to the movies has a whole new meaning now, it seems like we have a great little team going, I can’t remember when hunting has been so much fun. I wish dad was here to see this, he would be proud and amazed, our group has (including me) three hitters, three thinkers, one magic, and one mutt. It may seem like an odd bunch but last night proved it works.
I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere with Astrith, she to stuck on Ben, but man what a wild ride she would be. Chloe is getting better but with this new group I don’t know how long we can keep her secret safe.
What is with this new guy Barnabus? He says he’s a Collins but why do I get a strange vibe from him? I’m going to have to watch him, especially around Chloe, he may be family but then again?
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One Hell of a night
Well first day was hell, the VP is on my ass already, and he is going to make investigating very difficult (not to mention getting my smoke breaks). Chloe is doing better despite the occasional freak outs, I really wish she would update her files to include the supernatural like I told her to, she wouldn’t freak out as much and I wouldn’t have to keep resetting her. I like Chloe even with all her quirks, her and I have always been there for each other since we were children, I won’t let anything happen to her I promised to look out for her and I will.
Found out some things about a few others today as well, the new girl Astrid turned out to be a slayer, mediocre in the looks department and she has that “I will sooner kick your ass then give you the time” attitude, don’t know if I’ll ever get to second base with her but man it’ll be fun trying.
Robert turned out to be a telekinetic, you think you know some people and BAM they hit you with a WTF. He looks like he is reluctant to use his power much, may have to push him a bit can’t have him holding back when the time comes.
Ben is a better scrapper than I thought, he really held his own the other night, I guess he’s not all looks.
The new librarian Seumas is going to fun to deal with, it appears he doesn’t like kids, game on old dude. I really want to get in and take a peek at his collection of books, I may be a goof in school but I will always get an A+ in the occult. His connection to Astrid seems a bit reluctant, like he would rather be getting kicked in the nuts then have to be stuck here.
Mr. Jennings, well it appears that teaching has really gone to the dogs, was that really him? Chloe’s data confirmed it but still what is he doing here? Was he helping us? I think he is going to have to be dealt with soon, I can’t be looking over my shoulder for a flea bitten mutt.
All I know is that we fought some Vamps last night and kicked there asses (note to self, have Chloe study self-defense manuals or at least know when to and not to tackle someone) all in all we did well, at least we survived. What was with that Big Mother Sucker? Did he feast on a jock hopped up on Roids? And what was with that whole “Blood Moon” thing anyway?
Well this looks like it’s going to be a fun year!
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