Blaze Devlin

"If it isn't funny, I'll make it funny"
User: Butch
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Hero
Age: 17
Weight: 165lbs
Height: 6"1"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Classification: Hunky, good looking
Clothing: Pocket tee-shirt, Blue jeans, biker boots, leather jacket, Spicked wrist bracers, silver celtic cross necklace, silver flask
Blaze is from a hunter family, raised to fight vampires and deamons. Blaze is often times left to his own devices. The one true friend he has is Chloe Collins, who he has known sence age of 8, after learning her secret he spends a lot of time at her house, oddly enough neither family disaprove of their time together. After failing once and being held back Chloe has helped him study and pass his classes, and in return he has helped her with her repairs and maintenance. Blaze is a typical goof off, he finds humor in everything, inappropriate as it may be at times, and he is quick with a joke, smart-ass comment, or snide remark. Blaze is good with tools and fixing stuff, and is fair in a fight, he is a team player but can be on his own if need be. Blaze is a big flirt and will hit on anything of the opposite sex, human or not. Raised by his mother Rose Devlin after his father died, Rose returned to her home town to rasie her child and hopefuly live a normal life.
Blaze always wears blue jeans, black sneakers, pocket tees, and his leather jacket. He has a silver earring of a Celtic cross, a silver necklace of a Celtic cross, and always has a silver flask filled with holy water in his back pocket. Blaze has short dark brown hair, the start of a goatee coming in, with a slightly tanned completion, blue eyes, stands 5’8” and is 16 years old.