Chloe Collins

"Nothing that the right tool cant fix... Unless its a social situation... I don't have any tools for that..."
User: Sinner
Race: Human... kinda
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: tech Nerd/over 9000
Age: 16
weight: 205 :P
Height: 4'9"
Build: skinny petite.
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Copper.
Complexion: Ghost white lots of freckles. :P
Classification: Ginger.
Clothing: Chloe commonly wears baggy cargo pants and long sleeve shirts. She also wears a pair of heavy duty steel toed boots. Chloe actively avoids wearing name brand, sexy, revealing clothes so she does not stand out. She will also wear a large baggy pullover hoodie when it is cooler out.

Chloe is never without her backpack. It is a large heavy-duty hard case backpack with wheels and an extendable handle so she can either wear it or tow it around. She also wears a black fisherman's vest with various tools and stuff in its pockets.
Chloe is a very shy girl with various social anxieties and fears. Many of those fears are rather reasonable though considering she has a rather big secret. Chloe is a robot or at least mostly.

Having survived a fall from widows peek when she was just 9 years old. She was saved by the now deceased doctor Julia Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman built Chloe a crude synthetic body around a complex life support system that keeps her brain, heart, lungs, and spine alive.

Chloe quickly learned how to improve upon her body and eventually make herself look like she would have if the accident had not happened.

Chloe was home schooled with very little interaction with other people. It was not until she turned 15 that she had decided she wanted to go to school and try to be a normal girl.

It took a lot to persuade her family to let her go to school but with the assurance from her only friend Blaze that he would help protect her secrets she was allowed to go.

Chloe's had always been very intelligent and well educated. She has a photographic memory that lets her learn quickly and remember everything. her intelligent analytical mind probably kept her from going insane after she was placed in a robotic body. But at the same time her intelligence gives her a good/bad habit of making her overthinking things and pack around all kinds of stuff to be prepared for anything her over active imagination comes up with. This also leaves her rather paranoid about being found out for what she is.

She spent much of her home schooled life reading books, browsing the internet, and learning all she can about robotics, medical science, computers, programming, Mechanical engineering and design, CADD, CNC fabrication, carpentry, and 3D printing.

Chloe goes to School an hour early to take an applied science class where she just researches medical science because she has already done all of the book work.

She has a note from her doctor excusing her from P.E. Giving her a free period after lunch time to sit in the library during her lunch break and free period to quietly occupy a corner recharging her batteries and read.

Her last class of the day is a shop class where she gets to make many of the things she designs.

She also participates as a photographer in the School newspaper. Mostly because she gets to use her drone to take pictures and videos of sporting events and such from the safety of a quiet corner.

Chloe gets along with most of her teachers and respects them all for the hard work they do.

Chloe actively avoids large groups of people and frequently has a small panic attack when shuffling from classroom to classroom.

Chloe also helps the family business by maintaining the web site and machining replacement parts for the cannery. Saving the family a bit of money that then goes into the materials she requires to maintain her secret, hobbies, and interests.

Blaze is her only friend or at least the only person she would call a true friend. A few others are nice to her but they do not know the true Chloe Collins. If they did they would undoubtedly freak out.

Blaze first met Chloe before her accident when they were both 8 years old. They played together for several months until a few weeks after her ninth birthday the accident happened. She does not remember what happened or why she was even at widow’s peak. All she remembers is looking to someone masked by the darkness, asking him to save her with tears in her eyes and her hand stretched out desperately trying to reach for his outstretched hand, then waking up in a metal shell, a fragment of her former self. To make things more frustrating no one will tell her what exactly happened.