"The hunt is everything to me."
User: Deckhart
Campaign: Mummy's Mask
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Feral Hunter 1, Steelbreaking Mauler 1
A tall broad man with wild hair and feral looking eyes. He is covered in dirt and cuts and scars and a thick beard is growing along the edges of his face. He is dressed in light hide armor that bares the look of something he might have cobbled together himself, seeing as the edges are in tatters and what fur lines the outside is of nearly a dozen different shades and hues. At first glance, a madman-- perhaps a second glance, too.
A barbarian from outside the established cities, Coombes took his name from an old word in a language not his own. He speaks common well enough but struggles to pay attention through any conversations that don't involve his past-time at least partially. He hunts game. Big game. And that hunt has driven him within the walls of the city now that the desert has dried up the last of the challenges. His quarry is now whatever nameless things lurk in the half-dark. Golems and drowned-men, slimes and ghouls.