"Can I hurt something now?"
User: Tiffany
Campaign: Serenity
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Psion / Medic
Yume is a 30 year old female with no family. She has basic training as a medic and has strong psionic abilities. She is incredibly smart and has extensive knowledge in most of the sciences. She is good with computers but not good in most social situations. Her weapon of choice is a mono-filament bolo but she also likes using small knives, wire, or her bare hands to finish enemies off. With a knack for reading people's thoughts and a keen sense of hearing she is extremely hard to be caught off guard.
Born to two insanely smart scientists, she grew up on a high tech research facility located on a large asteroid. She was individually tutored and did not attend any public education with kids her own age. She was being groomed by her parents to follow in their footsteps and continue their research. When she was 17 a horrible disaster occurred at the research facility and it was completely destroyed. Her parents pushed her into an escape/survival pod and jettisoned her into space. She spent over 2 weeks trapped in that escape pod with barely enough food, water, or oxygen to survive. The stress of that situation caused her latent psionic abilities to surface. She has no remaining relatives that she knows of and is on her own trying to make it in the world.
Sadistic - Never passes up an opportunity to hurt people. She may heal you up but don't expect it to be painless.
Hooked - Hooked on various substances. One of the reasons she decided to become a physician.
Traumatic Flashes - Constant nightmares where she wakes up screaming.

Psionic - Wild talent that surfaced due to extreme trauma.
Mean Left Hook - Can (and has) killed people with her bare hands.
Sharp Sense - Her hearing is especially good.

Crew Relation #1:
She was found by the ship “Ring of Fire” on her unlucky expedition during her term as a physician. When she returns to find her previous job no longer available she is offered a job on the ship as a medic. This is how she joins the crew.

Crew Relation #2:
One of Cecelia’s clients is the head of the household that took her in for a short time after the destruction of the research station. He (Mr. Bigwig) is the president of the corporation that was funding her parent’s research.

Contact #1:
Her parents were valuable assets to Mr. Bigwig's company. When the research facility exploded it was a huge loss. When she was recovered in the escape pod he had hopes of being able to restart the research. He temporarily took her in but when it became apparent that she was no longer a stable individual he had her committed to a mental institution in hopes of curing her. A worker at that institution thought that she wasn't crazy but that she just couldn't deal with the psionic gifts that had surfaced. This worker helped her escape the institution and got her in contact with a psionic that they knew. This guy acted as a sort of guide during her first few years as a wild psion. She still keep in contact with him from time to time.

Contact #2:
A drug dealers she has worked with consistently for the past several years. They know she means business and never try to screw her over.

Enemy #1:
One of her past contacts that she bought drugs from tried to scam her and take her money. She killed him. His business partner is now out to get her.