User: Tim
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Wizard (Conjurer)/2
Full Name: Ellywick Arici Orwyn

Physical Description
Elly is about 3'2" tall and weighs only 37 lbs, although her physical strength is a bit higher than it would appear. She has long red hair and brown eyes.

She's a bit of a paradox; on one hand, she looks like a "cute little girl" to most of the taller races. On the other, she can be an enticing charmer, as well.
Elly lives in Lepidstadt, where she attended its famous University. She studied under Professor Lorrimor for a time, and could be a bit of a teacher's pet. He didn't mind the "Hermione Granger-level" of question-answering, but encouraged her to find a less strenuous hobby than constantly studying, "or it will burn you out", he said. He seemed to instinctively know the pressure she felt, and she often asked him for "life advice" while attending the university.

Elly's major area of study at the university was language; she's fluent in eight different languages, although doesn't often get the chance to use all of them in the human-centric lands. She minored in history, which is how she met Professor Lorrimor.

After graduating, Elly found herself with a lot of free time on her hands (not having to study things all day and all evening every single day anymore), and, while working as a translator for the university library, started taking music lessons to fill the time. These days, she's not bad with a violin.

Elly is actually a follower of two gods: Her mother worships Cayden Cailean, the god of having a good time. Throughout university, it was difficult to "observe his practices", but she still counts herself as one of his followers; in fact, she carries around an empty mug, just in case. Her father worships Shelyn, the goddess of beauty and art. It was partly by Shelyn's influence that she decided to learn the violin.

Magical Training
Having expanded her skills to include linguist, musician, and historian, Elly turned her focus towards her biggest project yet: Arcane magic. She hopes to become a powerful wizard some day -- not to wield that power like a sledgehammmer, but to truly understand how arcane magic works (and how she can manipulate it). She studied under a private teacher; an elf by the name of Vaarsuvius.