"I shale set fire to the heavens and bring the reckoning to the realm of mortals."
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
My name is Ikiryo, The Giver of Life and I sit here today to tell you the story of my Master and the story of how I came to be. It is a long one, it is also a most interesting one. After all my master was a most interesting man and live a most interesting life.

His story begins 104 years ago. The son of two noble and rich high-class humans not far from these lands. They where the King and Queen of the land know as "the Kingdom of Shadowdale". Until the coming of the archmage Xen, Shadowdale was a reasonably peaceful nation. When Xen pushed his expansion southward into the nation of Shadowdale, it ignited the most infamous magical rivalry in the wourld's history as Shadowdale plunged the land into war with neighbouring Xen (named in honour of the nation's new archmage ruler). During one of the most deadly exchange of spell power, the necromancer Nuuruhuine, sucked the life from most of the land surrounding the cities of neighbouring Xen by the use of wishes. In return, Xen blighted the lands of Shadowdale with a series of cataclysms that decimated the population. Shadowdale responded with the counsel of Nuuruhuine by animating casualties into legions of the walking dead, beginning Shadowdale's reliance on undead. My masters story begins here at the ending years of the great war. The day of my Master's Birth.

The day he was born, his Father screamed for a Priest, he believed his son was possessed. He blamed himself, believing it was for all the sins he made when ordering the reanimation of his fallen people. None ever blamed him for making the decision for it was the reason the kingdom still stood. No mater how sinful an act it may have seemed. He felt that his son was possessed by all the souls he damned. Why else would his child's skin be soft as silk and cold as ice, yet looked like to have been made by Diamonds. His eyes burned as if a blue flame was softly pouring out his sockets. Once the priest had arrived, they quickly learned that there child had infact been Blessed by the gods, for he was born an Aasimar.

Aasimars are humans with a significant amount of celestial or other good outsider blood in their ancestry. While not always benevolent, aasimars are more inclined toward acts of kindness rather than evil, and they gravitate toward faiths or organizations associated with celestials. Aasimar heritage can lie dormant for generations, only to appear suddenly in the child of two apparently human parents.

The priest Cried out in joy, "The second born son of the King has been born an Aasimar. He will bring hope and happiness to our lands and our people! This is clearly a blessing from the gods!" He proclaimed and prophesied. As my Master grew older he was continually reminded of the fact that he was different. That he was special. That he will be the hero of the people! Bringing Hope and happiness to his lands and its people. This belief confused him as he started to get older.

Many thought crawled in My master's head thought-out his left. one of which had confused him. He didn't understand this proclaimed destiny that was giving to him by the gods. For when he learned that even though he was this "Special Being" known as an Aasimar, he wouldn't be Shadowdale's ruler. His elder brother was born to lead these lands. Not him. How can he be this hero of hope and happiness?

On the night before the morning of my masters ninth Birthday the castle was suddenly raided by a swarm of undead. It was so swift that the alarm was never even raised. His Parents Killed, fortunately his brother Escaped to live in exile. However as for my master. He was not as fortunate as his brother or even his parents. An evil Witch by the name of Nuuruhuine. had taken him captive. She was a slim Elf who's skin as cold, grey and pale as death, hair looked slightly dried out as if baked in the sun, She bore a stare that could chill the bones the bravest of men from any land. She whore the littlest of Clothing. She whore what looked to have a chainmail skirt reinforced by leather padding and a metallic bray just barely covering key parts of her breast held up by Metallic shoulder pads. Clearly she used as a seduction plan for most.

My master was brought before her by two zombies that looked rotten to the core and smelled like six month old rotten pork and spoiled eggs. Infested with flies and maggots, they held my master at her feet and proceeded to growled and make grunting sounds to her. She turned to him, making eye contact followed by a sinister smile. Only to turned back to them speaking in a most demonic language. She then spoke to him in a soft and loving voice that he could understand and said, "I alway wanted a boy. I never had the opportunity to see how an Aasimar male changes from an adolescent Child to a fully grown man." At that moment, Dark and sinful thoughts grew in my Master's mind.

That night he found himself laying down, chained to a table completely removed of all clothing. The table seemed to be made of Metal for it felt as if he was lying on dry Ice that never seemed melted. The room was darker as night, the only light was the candle lite inside of a hooded lamp hanging from a hook on a poll that hung above him. The room was empty of people both alive and dead. He could barely make out what seemed like more metal tables beside him, to the left and to the right. The door at the center front of the room softly swung open, making a light creek sound. The Screams of tortured souls from the still dyeing people with-in the castle walls quickly roared into the room, only to be followed by a sudden gush of wind that calmly poring into the room like a cool breeze with the smell of the rotting flesh and crimson iron.

Nuuruhuine who was accompanied by a Shadowy Specter entered the room, the door shutting behind her. She walked up to him clearly wearing high heals as the sounds of clanking would echo with each step she made. The shadow hovering behind her until they reached the table, where it grabbed a tray along the way that off the table next to him. Hovering over his head, he could barely make out what sounded like strange soft cries of pain from that of thousands of people next to him. The sound radiating from the shadow that hoved not two inches from his head.

Nuuruhuine gazing at her new subject. Carefully and slowly admiring every detail about him. My master continually tried to get her attention to plea to be set free, even though secretly the thought in his head told him that he may not want to be freed. But she acted as if he wasn't even moving and talking. She made no sign of acknowledgement. It was almost as if she didn't see him as a being at all. Suddenly, as if returning to the world she made eye contact again and just like before, that slightly creepy smile had returned. She explained how he was laying down on a medical table created and enchanted by the most holy of men. Men who worshiped the God of Life. The tables had been created in the last major of within the Kingdom of Shadowdale. They was enchanted to quickly heal and preserve the life of anyone who lied on the tables. With these great artifacts Shadowgale saved the lives of many important people in its past. It is said that no one can die when resting on these tables.

She then reached across his face to the tray that hovered over him on the other side of the table. Her breast clearly in view. My master was quick to give a smile and just as quickly have it taken away as she picked upped the scalpel off the tray. She the calmly laid her left hand on his chest and said, I know you will not die, however I believe this may hurt. He then began to squirm, thinking that somehow he could brake free from these chains and this table. She the slowly placed the scalpel on the top left of his chest, proceeding to cut in a diagonal fashion to the center of his chest. He screamed in agonizing pain. He could then feel a warm rush of energy pouring from the table thought his body to the newly fresh wound giving to him. He could feel it healing him. The blood was slowly moving back into the wound and the cut sealed from the top of his chest to the center leaving only a slight scar. Nuuruhuine smiled again and calmy place the scalpel back on its try. My master breathing heavily and cry loudly in pain, tears gushing from his face. She walk to the head of the table where she found a leather strap that she used to strapped his head tightly down to the table. to restrict his movement. She walk back over using another strap and the center of the table to strap him down at his waste as well. She then reached back toward the tray and said, "Looks like we are going to need a bigger knife." As she drew a kris from the tray.

She then proceeded to reach underneath the table for large metal clamps. He screamed for mercy before and as she performed a full body autopsy. Removing organs as she would watch new one grow in their place. Some of which would take weeks to regrow. He watched as she dissected a different one each day. Making sketches of each piece of him inside and out. He would remember blackout and could tell much time had bassed as he would regain his consciousness and memories of his past days after every time she would remove pieces of his brain. During times of his puberty she would continually dissect his neck, particular the vocal cords and his reproductive organs. She particularly like to play with his prostate. From time to time she would choose to play with his prostate to research brainwashing techniques using the power of pleasure with torcher. There was times when he didn't know if in pain or if he was filled with pleasure, for both had occurred simultaneously multiple times. Slowly she began to have short conversations with him. Some night they would have long conversation.

When he was of the age of 13, Nuuruhuine had acknowledged him as a sentient being with the potential of being great. She spontaneously had two of her Zombie minions unchain him and walk him to his old room, Which had changed Greatly. All luxury had been removed. The only thing that was there now was his old bed, only without lenin,and clearly not used in a last few years. On it laid a grey rope with hemp rope and a note that rested on it. Thick dark curtains hid the all light from the windows within the room. The door shut and locked behind him. Although there was no light, he could see in this room as if a small candle gave light from his eyes. He walked up to the bed to read the note. It said, "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? I leave two paths before you. You may choose to use this rope that I have Kindly given you. You could tie a noose and hang yourself from the support beams above you. You should be able to reach them by standing on the wooded frame at the foot of the bed. Should you choose not to, I will test you. I will see if you are strong enough to learn what I know. But I worn you. You have yet experienced true pain. By the time I am no longer your master, you will know the true meaning of pain. You can rest for the full day I shall come at nightfall I to teach you the full powers of life and death."

Over the nest 4 years my Master began his training into the arts of Life and Death. He was giving the knowledge of how a body fully works. Reviewing research his Master had preformed. Even the studies about himself. Throughout the 4 years he had become a fine student. Every Time his master was board she would mate with him, willing or not. Life had improved dramatically for him considering his previous state. He almost forgotten the horrible things he had done to him, his life, his family , and his country. He had forgotten about the prophecies that was once old about him as a child, he forgotten about the responsibilities of being a hero of his people. This was his life now. He was, for the most part. Happy with it.

Now accepted as her apprentice and provided four years of captive training. Nuuruhuine Had started to become more lenient with him. She allowed him to walk the castle ground unguarded. She no longer locked him in his Bedroom chamber before she would go to sleep. By the time he was 17 she allowed him to leave the castle grounds to go to the local village, to running errands for her. It was at this point he started to realize how much the lands of Shadowdale had began to change. The skies where always darkened as if a Storm that never came would suddenly begin to pour down like the most wickedest of hurricanes. The grass looked Gray and dead, Diseases and famine seemed to have strongly stuck the lands. Population of once living people now had undead living in there place as if nothing had happened. How much the lands had changed. Eventhough he could see the difference from what was to what is. He did notice There was an order to everything. Every person had a place, a mission. There was no arguing, fighting, or drunken disorder. There was no reason to have guard patrol the streets. It was a peaceful society. At first he would have thought that a society of undead would be horrific. But no he realized. Everyone is immortal, none ever tier, none ever become Sick, none ever complain.

Over the next ten years my master had learned even more of the arts of Life and Death, more commonly referred to as Necromancy. He was also taught about a powerful God of old know as a "Great Old One". His name is Whamen-Dor. Xhamen-Dor, Once the Great Old One had the form of a broken reptilian skeleton with pronounced growths of fungoid tendrils and infested many worlds. After some calamity for Xhamen-Dor, however, its form changed to just a single blot of its fungoid intelligence that was imprisoned within a comet. This comet collided with Golarion after its trajectory was altered at the time of Earthfall. The exact whereabouts of Xhamen-Dor is unknown though it is believed the comet now lies beneath a remote lake with the Riverkingdoms. The Inmost Blot has begun to infect Golarion from his watery resting place turning victims into undead creatures powered by a combination of necromancy and Xhamen-Dor's fungal essence. It was thought these lessons that my Master had began to learn how to control the undead. To create mental and spiritual links. To be able to sense them as the approached or walk by, even if no noise was made. Also in this time, a band of terrorists calling themselves "Resistance Fighters" had been Attacking unarmed cities and villages as if they could change what had been done years ago. There leader, was a strongly Righteous man who had become the symbol of hope to his living followers. Around the time when my master was 27, Nuuruhuine had manage to capture the leader.

As a reward for the years of training and dedication My Master had preformed in the service of Nuuruhuine and to mark his competition of training, Nuuruhuine felt it would be best for my Master to preform the Rite of a Bonethrall. She had him come down to the dungeons where a man had been Gagged and chained down into a ritualistic circle that lied on the floor. Upon closer inspection my master had discovered that this man was his older brother. He felt like he should have remorse for him, but thing was there. He didn't know why he didn't feel anything. He even thought it was odd. He could only rationalize it as he must be feeling betrayed for his older brother had never even tried to save him when he was captured. Or maybe it was when he first made eye contact him, his older brother know how he was and glared with extreme hate. It could of even been because he was the leader of the terrorist that kept attacking unarmed citizens just because they where undead, just because there where different then he was and rather understand them like my master did he choose to attack without mercy.

Nuuruhuine looked rather please when she noticed that my Master did not seemed to care that his older brother lied down before him. She turned to my Master and told him, "This man who you once called brother and now sees my judgement. Even though, for the 1,000s he has killed. I shall give him a gift. For he is your brother. He shall become an eternal servitude to you my apprentice. He will always watch, trapped in his new form. Unable to resist any command you give him. May you show him the truth in the error of his ways and the truth of this world." With a snap of her fingers he demonic shadow that had always followed her, Manifested from her shadow and glided over its victim. He had become inhaling the air in front of his face. Quickly his eyes would begin to roll back into his head his face loosing all compleaction. His muscles where hastefully depleting as if there where maid of air and this shadow was draining them dry. As what looked like the last of his life being suckked out of him she shadow dragged what looked like to be another shadow from his victim's mouth. It dragged it out of him as he slowly hovered back. My master could feel this being coming into existence. As if his brother was being reborn. Only this time he could sense him. He could even hear his thoughts. There where of screams and pain and my master did not care. He was more infatuated with the fact that he could now connect mentally and spiritually for the first time with his older brother.

Nuuruhuine then spoke up again and screamed, "Now my apprentice. Preform the rite." As the being that was once his brother was suddenly beginning to charge at my Master. My Master quickly Closed his eyes and spoke what felt like a pray that he had said a thousands time before and he should feel a surge of energy come rushing to him creating a Chain that reached out and wrapped itself around the specter, Chaining it to my Master. My Master could feel the willpower of his older brother quickly depleting. As if it had become a puppet usable for his personal amusement. A Faithful servant to do his bidding no matter what the task may be. The only thing master master knew for sure was he liked this power and he wanted more. Once the rite was complete, my Master turned to Nuuruhuine and simple smiled. It was that time he started to call him Zinthos, the Necril, An ancient language of the dead. It is the word for "brother."

My master continued to serve Nuuruhuine for anther 30 years. One thing that my master and Nuuruhuine enjoyed about his body, was that it very slowly aged. Even though he was in his late 50s, he looked to be almost 17. This was a feature Nuuruhuine enjoyed for many years until my Master decided to leave her. Nuuruhuine did not giving him permission to leave her servitude. But that did not stop my Master. He felt it was time to go. He was learning nothing new from her. In the end he end up killing her and leaving the Kingdom behind. Mainly because the network of command she had created was faulty and he felt he could make a better utopia within Golarion. Sadly, that in itself is a long story for anther time. I am personally happy he did what he did. For if he had not, I would not be who I am today and know what I know.