User: Martin
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric of Irori
A man with a large, brutish physique. He stands at just over 6', with a mass of muscle and scars from head to toe.

His rough lifestyle has made him harder and older than he should be as a man in his early thirties, and his broken grin that constantly beams from his face has a gruesome aspect.

He usually wears a simple cloth shirt with no sleeves, to show off his arms, and loose pants held up with a length of rope, easy to move around in.
Orphaned at a very young age, Renn ended up having a tough life on the streets. Thankfully, the local churches were generous to the street urchins, and would give him food and shelter when it got cold, and so he avoided having to resort to theft and thuggery, but he still ended up falling in with unsavory characters in his youth.

After getting a job as a dockworker, hauling cargo from ships to port, his large stature and heavy muscles caught the attention of some pit fighting recruiters. He started brawling in one of the abandoned warehouses on the docks, then moved up to the more organized ring of fighting in the basements of the taverns.

As his career went on, he earned many cuts and many broken bones, but no foe was more challenging than the historian professor Petros, with whom he would have drinks and frequent debates over whether perfection should be sought through the mind or the body.

Eventually, after realizing that he didn't want to be a man who just solved all his problems with brawn alone, sought help from the church of Irori, the god of history and self-perfection, and retired from the pits to become a man of faith.

Recently, he received word that the professor passed away, and even though there's no need for him to go to the funeral as a priest, he does feel like he should pay his respects to the man who helped him find a proper place in the world.
Having never sought magical healing to recover any of his many cuts and broken bones, he now bears his scars and his broken visage like a badge of honor and shame, reminding him of his past a man of pointless violence.

Since joining the faith, he loves to embody the virtues of Irori, to learn from the past and better oneself to not repeat mistakes. He also has a very easy smile and a loud, social personality, despite his harsh appearance.

His favorite pastime is walking down the streets of the poorer neighborhoods, giving out food to the needy and telling tales of his past.