"There is a fine line between Justice and Vengeance."
User: Xile
Campaign: Mystara 5E
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)
Long dark hair with a scar running diagonally across his right eye from his cheek down to his jaw. Toned muscular build, light facial hair.
Born Augustus in the Empire of Thyatis, he was orphaned as an infant soon after he was born due to his father's brutal slaughter at the hands of unknown assailants, his mother fled with Augustus in her arms. Her attempt to flee would prove to be in vain as she too was struck down soon after escaping Thyatis by a shadowy figure clad in armor. His mother's murderer would take Augustus and left him with the Heldannic Knights of the Iron Fist. The mysterious man would disappear, seemingly never to be seen again.

Augustus was raised by the Heldannic knights and trained in the ways of battle. For reasons unknown to him, he was never given a name, usually referred to as "boy" or "piss ant."

Augustus had always dreamed of becoming a knight of glory and righteousness, like the ones he would hear about in stories, myths, and fables. He would train diligently day by day in the hopes of one day achieving a position, in becoming a true hero of the people, bringing light and hope to everyone.

One fateful day they were attacked by a horde of orcs and goblins, completely overrun and outnumbered all hope seemed lost, until a Paladin of light appeared seemingly out of nowhere and single handedly pushed back the monstrous assault. The attackers fled and hope was restored to the people of the Heldannic order. The boy born Augustus witnissed this knight in shining armor destroy the monsters that attacked his home, it was like in the stories he would hear, the fables and legends were all true. Everything he dreamed of becoming was right before his eyes in the form of an unknown man that had just saved his life and the lives of him people. The knight turned his attention toward the boy and nodded.

The Paladin introduced himself as Genesis, and spoke to those who would listen, warning the people of the Heldannic order of impending doom. He said to them that this was but the first of attacks of such magnitude that they would suffer, and that they will only grow worse in time. He warned they they could not win against such odds unless they heeded his warnings and do as he suggested. He gathered all those who would follow, stating that in order to end these assaults, he needed to obtain a powerful relic in a far away land, and that he could not do so alone. He formed a party of 6, the boy born Augustus jumped at the opportunity and was counted among them. To him, this was his chance to become a hero of the people, and learn what it is to be a true knight righteousness, for the first time in his life he was given hope.

They journeyed for many months together, the boy showed much promise and Genesis gave the boy a name, Xion he would call him. During their travels, Xion became very attached to Genesis, and vice versa it would seem. For the first time in the boy's life, he finally felt like he had a father. One knight as the party rested by a camp fire, Xion questioned Genesis where he came from. The Paladin paused for a moment before speaking and simply stated from a far away land. A land unreachable by land nor sea. That is all he would say on the subject, which troubled everyone, but no one dared to further question their beacon of hope. Xion however felt like he understood. He never believed he was truly from the Heldannic order, he always felt different, as if his origins were elsewhere, yet no one ever told him where, he was always led to believe he was born and raised to be a Heldannic knight.

Genesis taught Xion much about Paladins and the oaths taken by each knight. Genesis having taken the Oath of Devotion, it only seemed natural Xion would strive to become such a knight. Before their journey would near its end, Genesis gave his sword to Xion, a gesture Xion would never forget, and would cherish for as long as he drew breath. It was perhaps the happiest moment of his life.

Once the party finally reached the cave they traveled so far to for. Once inside and having traversed the perils within to reach the relic Genesis sought, he betrayed them. The relic within required sacrifices to fuel its dark and terrible power. He killed the 4 that traveled with them, and incapacitated Xion. Filling the relic with the blood of the fallen, a dark aura emanated around Genesis, a maniacal grin crept upon his face before he began to laugh a horrible, terrible laugh. One that would haunt Xion for years to come. Genesis pried the sword he had given him from his grip and slashed across his right eye before impaling him on his sword. In that moment almost everything he believed in shattered, tears filled his eyes as he glared into Genesis's eyes. No words needed to be said between them, for that one moment was all that was needed for Xion to understand how truly dark the world really is. His time in this world was up, Genesis exclaimed before releasing his grip of the sword and disappearing in what seemed to be a type of vortex or portal.

Xion struggled the sword free from his abdomen as the cave began to collapse around him. He rushed to the exit as fast as he could with what little strength was left to him. As he left for the opening the cave as crumbled above him. Luckily the worst was behind him and was only covered by moderately heavy ruble, still in his weakened state, they felt like tons to him. As he struggled his way to freedom. Once free he gasped for air and laid there, clenching the hilt of his sword as tightly as he could before slowly drifting to sleep as he bled.

When he came to, he found that he was resting on the bed of a traveling knight who found him on the verge of death and nursed him to health. Xion thanked the man for his aid and learned that this man too was a Paladin. Xion stayed with the knight for a time and would finally become a Paladin. He had become a changed man since the incident, viewing the world as a much darker place filled with evil, he swore to take the Oath of Vengeance. To him this world is infested with evil, and he must rid the world of it the only way he knows how, killing it. Seeking Vengeance for all the innocents slaughtered and betrayed, he no longer seeks to be a symbol of hope, but the instrument of justice, of Vengeance. So he set off wondering the lands in search of evil, hoping that one day he may finally take Vengeance for himself and the betrayal he suffered at the hands of the man he viewed as a father. There is little mercy left in his heart.