User: Daniel
Campaign: Carrion Crown
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/2
Fleet is a wild Half Elf raised by Squirrels and an Old Wolf. He is usually a bit dirty but he does not smell bad as the squirrels would never let him sleep with them when he stunk. If he were to ever stand up straight he would be 6'1" but he has a deep slouch as a result of spending his life running low to the ground and living in trees leaving him at about 5'9". His almost white hair is long and it would be relatively straight if his friend and companion Chestnut didn't live in it. He has a medium shaggy beard and has lightly tanned skin. He was taught the concept of clothing by the professor but he never quite got the idea of gender specific outfits so his clothing choices are based on what he likes at the time as opposed to social norms. He always wears the wolf pelt of his old master regardless of his other clothing. The pelt is always kept perfectly clean and groomed out of respect.
Fleet is a Half Elf abandoned at birth deep in the forest. He was raised for the most part by a family of squirrels and an old lone wolf (who was actually a nameless druid that had chosen to live out the rest of his days as a wolf). When Fleet was 10 he was discovered by a professor who was doing research in the forest. The professor took a liking to the wild half elf and over the next 15 years he visited the forest and taught Fleet about the outside world (though fleet was never brave enough to leave the forest and see it first hand). This coupled with the wolfs training in druid magics resulted in Fleet being quite intelligent, though he did not know it as he never had anyone aside from the professor to compare himself to. When the old lone wolf died Fleet took his hide and wears it in honor of the closest thing he had to a parent. Now 25 years old Fleet is getting restless with his simple life in the forest and seeks to see the world he has only ever read about. His opportunity arrives when one of his squirrel kin returns from the town with word of the professors death. Taking with him his closest friend and companion Chestnut (a squirrel) he set out to pay respects to his late teacher.