Donata (Machini)

User: Scott
Campaign: Tellus Risus
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Mechani
Not much is known about Donata, and she prefers it that way. She has a pure love of artifact hunting that's rivaled only by her desire to protect those artifacts. There's (almost) no ruin, temple, or vault she can't get into. She prefers the company of her familiar, a horned owl she calls Amacus, but tolerates humans well enough.
Amacus: Meaning "friendly" - Donata's interpretation of the owl's first "word" to her. Donata found a gravely wounded Amacus, while exploring ruins (where and why is not important). He had been following her for a while prior to that, but hadn't made contact. Donata, out of options, used some of her essence to help the wounded creature stave off death. He rewarded Donata with his undying friendship.

Since that point, Amacus has been a steadfast companion and a dear friend. Often he is the only one Donata feels comfortable confiding in, and she often prefers his company to that of other mansklig.