Bianca Narowyn

"Dirty hands are a small price to pay for a world of freedom and light. "
User: Andrew
Campaign: Emerald Spire
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Inquisitor/3
Devout almost to the point of zealotry Bianca has spent her life in the service of Sarenrae. She discovered her first heretic early on in her training and rather than continuing along with her younger brother in clerical training she instead went down the path less traveled. That of the inquisitor.
Trained to see corruption everywhere she is slow to trust, even those of her own faith, but once you gain her trust it is unwavering. Should you ever break that trust you'd best get running because she will hunt you down with the single mindedness of an alpha predator, and if she can't reach you with her blade, her repeating crossbow has a pretty good reach.
Her devotion in vanquishing evil, can sometimes cause her to be somewhat off putting especially since her methods can sometimes be extreme or not quite in line with the teachings of Sarenrae. It is however all for the greater good, and even though she may treat the more mainstream of the faithful with contempt there is a longing in her to not have to resort to the extreme measures to get the job done however until the corrupt and the wicked stand down she will be the light standing against the darkness.