The Journal of Morgrym Ironside

Campaign: Emerald Spire

The Wizard of Oz and Robocop
Does this seem like an accurate portrayal of what happened in the Cellars?

(Posting this as a player instead of a character, since Morgrym is gone. Also because it's hilarious to say "We fought the Wizard of Oz and Robocop").

Our Encounter with the Wizard of Oz
And so, the ragtag group of adventurers, including a racist dwarf and a Squishy, discovered that the throne was not, in fact, a sentient magical being that could strike fear into the hearts of all who behold it. In fact, a completely mundane tapestry was concealing a spellcaster, and he (it?) was the source of the spell-slinging shenanigans. He slipped out from behind the curtain and ran away like Brave Sir Robin.

Having no other name for the mysterious creature, the group dubbed him "The Wizard of Oz", due to his tactics. The dwarf cleric, being a bit slow to catch on, wondered why we were referring to him as a "wizard" when he was clearly casting divine, and not arcane, spells.

After a confusing run-in with a few spiders that, as far as the cleric could tell, must have been vampires, the group came up with its best idea yet: They should track down the Wizard of Oz by splitting the party! Samson objected, but nobody cared what the half-orc thought, anyway.

Where in the World is the Cleric?
Squishy and Stumpy were the ones to discover the Wizard. Squishy wasted no time in blasting its skeletal form with Magic Missiles. For his part, Stumpy valiantly protected her by blocking a slash from a bastard sword with his face! An unorthodox move, for sure, but it saved the life of the sorceress, at least.

Once Samson showed up to support the fight against the Wizard, things went a little more smoothly. Vaporizing it with a Magic Missile, Squishy took his crown as a trophy, declaring herself to be the superior spellcaster. Samson wondered why a piece of scrap metal could possibly be important enough to take, but nobody cared what the half-orc thought, anyway.

At this point, Squishy wondered aloud where the cleric had gone, while Stumpy screamed something about his darkvision failing and that the cleric should fix it. Samson left the room, knowing exactly where to find Morgrym--he had decided to take a break by hanging out with a spider and doing...not much of anything, really.

Robocop Appears!
Before Morgrym could even look at Stumpy's wounds, a strange, half-human, half-mechanical-looking thing teleported in out of nowhere. He looked the little dwarf in the eye and said "Approach". Morgrym, having nothing better to do (apparently), thought it was a good idea. Samson tried to stop him by force, but Morgrym was persistant in his march. Squishy watched the whole thing, not really trying to do anything. Stumpy staggered around a bit and stepped on one of his eyeballs. Samson seemed to be the only person taking any rational action, but nobody cared what the half-orc thought, anyway.

Robocop suddenly grabbed Morgrym and teleported away. Morgrym is presumed to be dead, though nobody knows for sure.

The group decided to travel back to town to regroup and resupply, and, perhaps, find some way to restore Stumpy's vision. As they exited the dungeon, injured and nearly defeated, Samson Hurzak wondered to himself why he ever agreed to work with these freaking people in the first place.
Session: Return to The Cellars - Level 2 - Tuesday, Feb 24 2015 from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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