Eyes of Anubis

"The cycle of life and death continues... We will live... Our foes will die."
User: Cody
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Lupus Silent Strider
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Galliard/Cliath (Rank 1)
Lupus Form: Zylo appears as the epitome of pure breeding within the Silent Striders tribe. His ears are large, his body and features jackal-like, though bearing more of the size of a wolf. His fur is shorter, black and glossy. His eyes are bright golden in tone, with a gaze that seems to pierce into your heart as if weighing your deeds against the scales of Ma'at. He bears rank, breed, auspice and tribe glyphs under his fur on his sides, glyphs which emit a pale glow in the umbra but are otherwise only seen as a slight lightening of the fur due to the tattoos underneath. His eyes sport golden egyptian eye markings.

Crinos Form: The spitting image of the ancient Egyptian God Anubis. His physique is leaner than some Crinos, but his strength comes from tight wiry muscles. A fearsome and impressive sight. His eyes sport golden egyptian eye markings.

Homid Form: A packmate of his once referred to him as a "modern Prince of Persia." His skin is dark tan, and his features are very handsome. (appearance 5, pure breed 5) He appears to be of middle eastern descent, and for those in the know they would easily note the similarities to an ancient line of Egyptians. He moves and acts with a bit of a feral mein, sporting long black hair and a short beard. He wears a pair of dedicated clothing, obviously picked out by a Homid with some form of taste in style: a black silk button-up shirt with a pair of nice black slacks, though he wears a set of leather-thong sandals, offsetting the otherwise dressy look. He also wears a golden ankh that dangles around his neck. He also sports egyptian eye markings.

Umbral Reflection: In the Umbra, his eyes pale out to a milky white color, no pupils being visible and the slight look of necrotic energy pulsing within them. Ethereal, translucent black wings protrude from his back giving a sort of "egyptian death angel" look - those familiar with their spirit lore might conclude it heralds his relations to the spirits of Death. While they do not appear functional, they betray his relation to an aspect of the cycle all too familiar to the Garou. A palpable aura of necrotic energy seems to cling to him, as if his spirit were somehow linked to the Dark Umbra.
Basic Info
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Silent Striders
Rank: Cliath (1)

Noteworthy Traits
Pure Breed: 5 - Looking at him, you would be surprised to find out that he wasn't an Egyptian Prince. Further, in his wolf-like forms (or Crinos Form) you could swear that he was a walking Anubis statue.
Supporter: Zylo has a way with words and with bolstering/aiding his pack and others. He has a strong capacity for encouragement and bringing out the best in others.

Living Family
Heart of Anubis: Elder Lupus Silent Strider Philodox
- Rumored to be high ranking within a Strider Camp.
- Rumored to have a vengeance against Vampires.
- Strider-Only-Info: Heart is a Sword of Night, and "lives" at or near the Wheel of Ptah Sept.

- There is a Silent Strider prophecy revolving around members of Zylo's particular family line being related to Anubis (some believe he was one of the first Silent Striders, others believe that he was a patron spirit), in some way. Silent Striders (or those with Strider Lore) would likely have heard whispers that the prophecy speaks of members within his family showing their heritage fully, and some believe that those members are "Anubis Reborn." Others believe that they are the reborn soul of an ancient Legend known as "Son of Anubis" who was progenitor of Zylo's line. Further, the prophecy speaks of the end of the Curse of Sutekh, and the involvement of Anubis in this. Given the whispers of the coming Apocalypse, many assume that Zylo will be the last incarnation of Anubis the world will see...
- Zylo's first language was not English but rather some esoteric and "dead" language.
- Zylo saw into the Shadowlands/Dark Umbra, even when he was just a pup.
- Alternatively, Zylo saw into the Umbra, even when he was just a cub.
- Zylo seems to randomly know things... even things that he has never come into contact with.
- For a Galliard, Zylo has a strong penchant for punishing injustice.
- Zylo has no love for humans, but desires to protect those who are in balance with Gaia regardless of what they are. He has used the term "Ma'at" in relation to this concept.
- Zylo may have been born part Wraith.
- Alternatively, Zylo's spiritual essence is heavily suffused with the essence of Death.
- Zylo hates Vampires over all other Wyrm creatures.
- Zylo, among Galliards, would be seen as the "Teacher" type.