Glimmer in Fenris's Eye

User: Beau
Campaign: Black Stone Lake
Race: Get of Fenris
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ahroun/Elder
Full name of Character: Uriens Allwin
Nickname: Glimmer in Fenris's Eye
Race: Get of Fenris Homid
Occupation/class: Ahroun Elder
Social class: Lower Middle (appears to be)

Age: 90
How old they appear: 40
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color length and style: Long Red/grey Pulled into braids
Weight and height: 320 lbs, 6'10"
Type of body (build): Knotted muscle and endless sea of scars
Skin tone Tanned, wrinkled
Shape of face: Strong Jaw.
Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): Scars aplenty.
Is s/he healthy? Healthy and Robust

He carries what appears to be a broadsword that was sliced from a stalagtite, without almost any non earthen adornment, save for the leather around where the grip should be. Around his neck is a large "tooth" hanging from a leather thong.

Pure Breed:5, Spirit Heritage:5/3/1 Earth/Water& Fire/Air.