Aesil Flynn

"This! Is the best time to be alive!"
User: Rogan
Campaign: A New Dawn
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Bard/1
Wide-eyed Aesil Flynn is 16 years old standing 5'10" and 120lbs. The only time he is still is while he is drawing or telling a story, otherwise those around him get the distinct impression that he has someplace else to be. He does not dress as fancy as most though he is adorned with a miss match of several pieces of jewelry from all the different races.
Aesil was raised on stories of the wonders of the current time. The majesty of the larger than life peoples of the era and unearthly beauty of the magnificent buildings was meat and drink all of his life. He loves to tell people about the wonders he has seen and is perplexed that others do not seem as awestruck in them as he is. Today he basks in the light and glory of the best time to be alive in all of history!
Aesil is not delusional, he knows that times change and things will not always be exactly as they are now. He gets up before dawn to watch the city come alive and sketches buildings, men, and everything that makes his heart jump. He documents all that he can in order to preserve the history of today so that those of tomorrow will know that this is the best time to be alive.

Str. 12
Dex. 15
Con. 12
Int. 17
Wis. 12
Chr. 18