The Journal of Erdan Naïlo

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Day is never done...
Erdan settles a little deeper into the saddle as the group presses onwards. He ponders the abilities he has, focusing on something that he saw Frug do, before, Healing Magic. But not the quick kind of healing magics that he had done before. A slower, not quite as potent magic. Focusing on his palm, he grunts in frustration as Darius's stupid horse lets out a startled sound. His frustration fades as he realized that a trio of trolls is what caused the horse to startle. The trolls strike, as Owl drives his horse forward, away from the press of ugly bodies. Whipping his mount around he smoothly draws his bow, a magical arrow slipping into his hand as he draws, calling out to Nykker as he fires "Albabriala, Guide my shot!"

A rushing hurdle of flesh knocks Owl from his horse, through one of his band casts magic to revive him. Erdan scoops up his bow, and moves to a better firing position and taking a a quick shot that hammers home into the back of the troll attacking Darius.

Cursing under his breath as his arrows find little reasonable purchase Erdan slips his bow over his head and shoulders and rushes into the fray, directly behind Darius. His hands move to the battle medic kit at his waist, smearing a thick paste over a wound in Darius's thigh. A breath later, and he has it tightly bound in gauze to control the bleeding, just in time to feel the claws of a troll sink into his armor, dragging him down.

Hitting the ground, he loses consciousness for several seconds, but his eyes flutter open in time to see Darius wreathed in golden Light, Reckoning gleaming as it flickers through a pair of brutal blows with bone shattering consequences....


Erdan moves quietly through the party, pain radiating from every portion of his body. He wordlessly patches up the injuries of his band as best as he can with the medical kit, well worth it's weight in gold several times over. Salves and poultices cover his friends where their skin was parted, with gauze covering the rest. Erdan loses himself in the care of his companions that he forgets his own hurts, and readied to press on without spending even a moment to patch his own wounds.


The dragon lands in a rush of wind and snow, so sudden that Owl finds himself flat on his ass (to the amusement of the Dragon.) he rises smoothly, and brushes the snow from his body as the Dragon Modierken speaks. Owl only hears the world's "if you tell me a joke.." A quick glance around at his friends shows various facial expressions, none of them very promising. Swallowing his pride, he offhandly offers "I helped kill the trolls..", hoping that his companions would come up with something better even as the words leave his lips.

The laughter causes his eyebrows to knit together for a moment, then with an inward sigh, he lets the matter go, giddy to simply make it away in roughly the same number of pieces he started the day with.
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Supplies, MotherTrucker!
Erdan notices the departure of his companions and says nothing as they wander away. He sighs inwardly and makes a brief motion to Beshenen to come closer. "I suppose we are heading into the mountains from here... and I understand that you know a little something about them?"

The half elf nods, a small smile playing across his features. "A little something, yes."

"Good, care to help me go over our packs and see if we are short anything?" " Erdan begins. The elf leads Beshenen to their rooms, where he takes off his gear and begins to lay it out for inspection. "Desarkis doesn't seem to have any winter gear, and I'm positive we could use some other things..." Erdan watches while Beshenen picks through his things, and nods, before frowning and taking off his own meager pack for a similar inspection. "I could use some more things as well, actually... I'm not really prepared for a trip into the mountains at this time of year.. And I'm low on coin.."

Owl nods, and notes a few changes in his own gear. "Well then, let us go find what we need. I'm certain that we can provide coin enough for supply all!"
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Owl nods slightly as the others fall into line behind him, moving along as quietly as they knew how (which wasn't really quiet). He leads his companions to the bath house front, and strides past the little gasping human. "Y-you can't go in there!" Ignoring him, Owl slows his steps enough for Darius to catch up. A squeaking voice pipes up "I can handle them..." As Nissa rushes forward with a sharp magical gesture. The two door guards crumple to the floor snoring in the same moment.

Handy little trick... Wish I could do that... Stupid little gnomes and their tricks.

Owl rushed through the door, certain that Darius was just a moment behind him. His sword, rarely used, flickers through a slashing back at the nearest thief, drawing blood, but not fatally.

Owl staggers as a trio of boots find home in his body, his armor catching the worst their blows, even as he feels his ribs crack and then promptly begin to scream in agony.

"Where was Darius?!? Where was his stupid oaf of a squire?!? Why did they stop?!? Thrice damned and beleaguered bastards left me in here by myself!"

Owl heaves a breath and lays a hand on his ribs, pouring healing energy into the injury as the same happens nearly every where else in the small chamber as the men set free scramble for the door.

"Shouldn't have let them go. Now they'll backtrack with weapons and ambush us... Soft hearted idealistic....sigh. Time to move on..."

Ngithol and Nissa examine the room and the sigil scrawled across the floor. After they briefly confer, Nissa exclaims "I saw that in a book!" Usefully.

"Owl, what do your Elven eyes see?" Asks Darius. (fucking nothing!) scowling at the room, Owl shrugs. "Looks clear..." Darius moves into the room proper, careful to stay away from the sigil painted onto the floor. "Of for the love of..." owl snaps and steps forward onto the sigil, which causes a freaking tornado to form in the air before him.

"I saw that in a book, indeed. Damned worthless wizard, and ugly... Whatever the hell she is..."


The Vampires move into the room to examine the skulls, chuckling at Darius as they do so. Owl sighs, fingers clenching the manacles tightly as the idiocy is starting to get to him. He briefly considers leaving the lot of fools in here, and running by himself...

But finds his mouth moving, as words pour past his lips. "Alright... I'm tired of this unprepared bullshit. I'm tired of getting hit. And I'm tired of these stinking undead. Come! We're leaving!

Owl gestures sharply at Darius and says "Hau-Däl! Pick a path! You know the challenges each path offers, and the possible rewards with each as well... Do we go for our gear, or just run? I have little in the way of gear and coin, so I do not care either way. Others have more to lose, so I'll let you decide our course... But do so Quickly!"

Owl turns briskly, and addresses the Half-Orc "Sil-Dìn, watch where those undead went too, we don't need them changing their mind and following us out."

Ngithol is his next target, "Gul-Naeaha! Will you help Sil-Dìn cover our rear, and flanks? Be greedy with your flames though, as we still have to escape the city itself as well!"

Knut gets a hearty thump on the shoulder, as Owl points towards Darius "Dín-ral, Your might will likely be needed at the front with Hau-däl, to break any opposition on our way out. Stand with him, and clear out path to freedom?"

Owl moves beside Beshenen and offers the half Elf his hand. "Aín-Sil, we will support whichever group needs it most direly.."

Standing taller than all of his companions Owl stops to look at them each in turn. "I have given you Elven names, and Adopt you into my Tribe as Elven Kin. You shall all be Naïlo-Kin for as long as you wish it, and I do swear on my bow and my life that we all shall escape this stinking hole..."
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A loss of focus....
Erdan finds himself wandering, letting his feet lead him where they would. When did I let my skills slide? And when did I get to the point of letting a bunch of half elves and humans get the drop on me?!?

A sharp cry cause Erdan to look upwards. A hawk swoops down, it's movements swift and precise. Sunlight glitters off of the hawks wings, blinding Erdan. A heavy rushing of wing and a flapping of winds later, He turns to see the hawk flying off with his quiver, ripped right off of his back.

Not needing an explaination, Erdan sets out after the hawk. Several yards later he notices an arrow sticking out of the ground... And another one just at the edge of his vision. Following the arrows he finds his quiver at the base of a massive tree. The hawk is sitting in a nearby tree, on a lower branch. The bird lets out an ear splitting screech and almost mockingly turns it's back on the elf. Owl collects his damaged quiver and slides the arrows he collected into it. A quick knot, settles the quiver over his hip in easy reach to draw and fire.

"So, Why did you bring me here?" He questions the Hawk. It ignores him, in favor of preening it's feathers busily. "I know you aren't just a common bird! Tell me!" Owl Shouts, losing his patience. The Hawk continues to ignore him, still preening it's feathers.

Several minutes pass, as Owl stares at the Hawk. Scowling, Owl settles in to wait, folding his lean arms over his chest. The mid-morning turns to mid-afternoon. Which gradually faded into early evening before the Hawk finally turns to glance at Owl. Which a screech the Hawk takes off, flapping heavily towards the top of the tree. Owl remains motionless, until an arrow falls out of the sky, landing point first a few feet before him. Owl falls over backwards, startled by the impact. Glancing upwards, he quickly does a double take as he notices the fletching of the arrow. Golden colored feathers tied in place with thread of gold.

His hands trembling, he carefully pulls the arrow free of the soil and carries it back with him as he heads directly to the Temple of the Parient Arrow. As he reaches the temple he is met by a human Sure Shot cleric. "I think... I think I need to speak to Huntmaster Syjem... Could... Would you please ask him if I may have an audience..?"


"And that is when the Arrow fell from the tree, Huntmaster..." Owl shakes his head, staring at the golden fletched arrow still. "What do you... What would you suggest this..." His words trail off as he once again looks over the head of the arrow, simple stone that broke with the impact of the ground, and yet somehow seems to reflect the striking beak of a diving hawk.

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Thrice damned idealistic idiots.
Well. This should be fairly simple. Find the people. Stick them full of holes, and come back to get ours. Too bad I'm with a bunch of goody two shoe wanna be's. That damned paladin is a blood thirty one, though he pretends to have ideals. What a waste. He could be glorious if he just gave up his stupid ideals. Idiotic human....

Owl turns to face Darius and offhandedly asks "So... What is our plan with these guys? Are we just going to kill them, or what?"

Stupid loud humans. They smell funny. Jerks. Not even getting paid for this job, but I suppose it's worth it if that slab of meat gets his eye back. A blind bruiser isn't any good, I suppose...

An explosion of light slams into the big human and Owl ducks, right into an arrow. Drawing his bow, Owl hits the ground, cursing under his breath as he tries to catch his breath.

Haha, well, at least we don't need to worry about that diplomacy bullshit anymore. Not much can stop our lovely bruiser once he gets all riled up. Pfft. Idealistic idiot, they nearly killed us all before he made up his mind. Gotta work in that. I fucking hate bleeding

Yanking the arrow free, Owl tries to draw his bow, but gasps as his ribs scream in agony. A couple of attempts later, Owl sights on a running archer and looses his first (and only) shot of the fight. Satisfied at seeing his shot connects, Owl doesn't see the return shot strike home. Falling to one side he grimaces.

need to figure out how to unchain that idealistic idiots rage on demand. Stupid talky huma....
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